Game Of Thrones And Oreos Are The Alliance Nobody Saw Coming

Ryan Ford 25 Feb 2019

Cross promotions are classic, but they don't always have the impact on consumers that companies would like. I mean, would anybody be more inclined to buy a bottle of Mountain Dew if it had the Hulk on it? Unlikely. I bet we've all made up our minds about whether to do the dew or not regardless of a similarly extreme green guy on the label.

But that doesn't stop companies from trying! The latest is a marketing alliance nobody saw coming, a marriage that brings together two powerhouses: The unstoppable Game of Thrones, and Oreos.

The snacking sleuths at the @candyhunting Instagram account turned up a scoop when they posted a pic of Game of Thrones Oreos.

The page said that the cookies, with Lannister, Targaryen, Stark, and a White Walker on the packaging, would be hitting shelves before the show's final season kicks off on April 14.

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A day later, the cookie maker's official page confirmed @candyhunting's detective work, simply saying "Cookies are coming."

Fancy graphics aside, it's all pretty vague right now, as if the details are as closely guarded a secret as the show's plot twist-riddled scripts. Needless to say, there are many questions.

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The @candyhunting post did mention that their info came from a "reputable source," and since the official page later confirmed the cookies' existence, there's some credibility to that claim.

Giphy | Cheezburger

And the post also said that this is just a packaging thing. The cookies inside will still be classic Oreos, and they should be available in any store that sells Oreos.

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Oreo made the same announcement, with the same graphic, on Twitter as well, without revealing any more info.

But folks on Twitter seemed pretty jazzed up about the announcement anyway. Safe to say, a lot of people have their snacking plans in place for the big premiere now.

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