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This Pediatric Office Is Sharing A Clear Message About Vaccines

Vaccination arguments are only gaining more steam lately. As we see more and more outbreaks of once eradicated diseases, more and more people are realizing how devastating the anti-vax movement could become.

More and more doctors and clinics are refusing to stay quiet about it anymore.

In just the first months of 2019, five measles outbreaks have already been reported.


Current data from the CDC lists 127 individual cases of measles so far, across 10 different states.

If the trend continues, 2019 could surpass all other years this decade. The previous high in 2014 was due to a large outbreak in unvaccinated Amish communities throughout Ohio.

At first blush, a few hundred cases in a country of over 325 million seems negligible.

Some skeptics have questioned the use of the word "outbreak" to describe only a few cases.

But an outbreak is simply defined as reported cases exceeding the normal rates for that region or season. "A single case of a communicable disease long absent from a population" is also considered an outbreak.

For measles, an outbreak in the US is defined as three or more cases in a geographical area.

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Many of these outbreaks occur due to travelers bringing it from abroad. As herd immunity breaks down, they can pass it along, especially if they visit places with large crowds or many unvaccinated children. That's why the outbreaks often happen in schools or amusement parks.

Legacy Pediatrics decided they weren't going to stay quiet anymore.

Legacy Pediatrics

Considering their clientele, they probably see firsthand the dangers of not vaccinating. They posted a photo of them all proudly wearing t-shirts that say "Vaccines cause adults."

The shirts were made by CrazyDogTshirts.


After posting the photo, so many people wanted to buy their own that the company is manufacturing even more.

Even better, all of the proceeds are being donated to the Golisano Children's Hospital and UNICEF.

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