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Kylie Jenner Broke Her Instagram Silence With The Saddest Mirror Selfie Ever

It's safe to say that the Kardashians/Jenners are having a rough few days.

We can't help but feel bad for both Khloé and Kylie, who have been put in the middle of one big mess.

There's always some sort of drama when it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner family.

But this one without a doubt takes the cake.

TMZ reported that Khloé's boyfriend, Tristan Thompson had cheated on her — again.

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The more twisted part was that it was with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner's best friend.

Fans have been refreshing their social media, waiting for someone in the family to confirm this hot gossip.

And it wasn't long before Khloé confirmed the scandal, and Kim unfollowed both Jordyn and Tristan on Instagram — a real nail in the coffin move.

Koko definitely seemed all torn up about the situation — her instagram story was filled with sad, heartbreaking quotes.

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In typical Khloé fashion, though, she’s been a class act and hasn’t really said anything wild — yet.

And by the looks of her instagram feed, she’s erased every living memory of her and Tristan from the internet.


Beyond April, it looks like they never met. Even her version of this adorable Thanksgiving photo is gone. Our hearts are breaking for Koko.

Meanwhile Kim is wasting no time being the petty queen that she is — she took to her own story to send a little message.

Alongside Malika, a Kardashian bestie, she sang along to some songs that were throwing hella shade at Jordyn — just listen to the lyrics!

Kiki also had time for haters on Twitter.

When someone questioned Khloé’s first public appearance since the story broke, she had some words.

As for Kylie, she's remained radio silent up until late last night.

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She took to her Instagram stories, and it was honestly way more sad than we were expecting.

She took what we would call one of the saddest mirror selfies of all time.

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Someone needs to give that girl a hug, like, right now.

She also shared a quick shot of her abs.

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And honestly, it's a big mood.

Following this sad AF selfie, Kylie posted a story about the snow in California that had people scratching their heads.

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Social media was buzzing and hustling trying to figure out who the mystery girl is, but OBVS I found out cause I'm detective AF.

It's one of Kylie's long time BFF'S Heather Sanders!

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The two have a lot in common both being young mothers and business owners!

In the ultimate petty queen move, Kylie Cosmetics slashed the price of their "Jordy" lip kit.

It has since sold out online.

And we know how important Kylie's lip kits are, because after all they did help build her billion dollar empire.

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And once you're cut from the collection, you're cut for good.

As expected, the unfollowing spree has begun, and it’s pretty interesting to see who’s cutting who.

So far, Kim and Kourtney are the only ones to unfollow both Tristan and Jordyn on Instagram. Kendall has unfollowed Tristan but not Jordyn, and Khloé has unfollowed Jordyn but not Tristan.

Kylie seems completely unbothered, tbh, and is still following both.

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Jordyn has yet to make any significant social media moves and is still following all the Kardashian/Jenner family members.

Jordyn did, however, just make her first public appearance since the bombshell dropped.


It was an L.A. launch party for her new line of false eyelashes, Eylure, a project she has spent the past nine months working on.

At the party, she took to the mic to thank everyone who has been with her on this journey "through everything that's going on".


"You know, it's been real ... and Eylure has been super real; this has been a project I've been working on for over 9 months right now" she said.

Kind of a weird way to address a massive, career ending scandal but okay, boo.

The whole story is just sad, and we can't help but feel bad for Kylie.

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I couldn't imagine being put in such a difficult situation, especially because Jordyn lived in her guest house, and was really close with the entire family.

You know what's NOT been weird? The amount of glorious memes that have come out of this hot mess.


They really aren't playing, y'all.

Although it's confirmed Jordyn has moved back in with her mother, so sis has a bed to sleep in.

There's still one big question looming in the air. Who will be the next Jordyn Jenner?


The story is still unfolding and we're sure that we'll be hearing more from Kylie and Khloé in the near future.

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They might be tight-lipped now, but we're sure that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians cameras have been around to capture everything.