Gorgeous Gemstone Counters Add Natural Beauty To Any Home

I don't know about you, but when it comes to designing the house of my dreams, I picture myself living like a queen.

The newest trend in countertops will help you with your own royal dreams and turn your house into a literal palace. That's because these counters are made from semi-precious gemstones.

The pictures are stunning and I'm ready to break open my piggy bank and buy some for my house!

Agate is a popular choice when it comes to gemstone countertops.

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This semi-precious stone comes in a variety of colors and has a unique swirled texture that shows off its layers.

Agate counters typically feature slices of the stone which have been set in resin.

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This creates a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to set your kitchen apart from anyone else's.

With agate's full spectrum of colors, you can opt for something neutral like this palette of white, beige, and gray stone to match any space.

Agate is also available in a number of bright and bold colors.

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This blue agate countertop shows off the gorgeous swirls of color found in the stone. It looks just like the ripples of waves in the ocean!

Another popular gemstone for countertops is labradorite.


Labradorite is a magical stone that doesn't look like much at first glance.

This pale, gray mineral comes to life when the light hits it and will show off an iridescent, blue shimmer.

How gorgeous would this look in your home?

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It's so mesmerizing to see how the color changes as the light moves across the surface of the stone.

Labradorite is even more beautiful in person — the pictures don't do it justice!

Amethyst countertops are also taking over Pinterest and Instagram.

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This light purple gemstone is popular for jewelry and it's easy to see why — it is stunning!

Instead of commissioning an entire counter out of this stone, some choose to do a geode accent corner instead.

Here's one amethyst countertop made from a single slab.

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This counter looks like it is fit for royalty. Even though these counters feature expensive semi-precious stones, there is something natural and earthy about them.

Rose quartz is the perfect gemstone for those who want to add a pop of pink to a space.

Gem Surfaces

In my opinion, you can never have too much pink in your home and this light shade just happens to be one of my favorites.

Instead of a kitchen or bathroom, this counter was installed inside a walk-in closet. Where is this closet and how do I get one for myself?

If you're striving for simplicity with a hint of luxury, try white onyx counters.

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This stone is similar in appearance to white marble or granite counters, but it is also a little translucent.

Some people choose to illuminate these counters by installing lights underneath them to create a magical glow. Love it!