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People Are Attacking Kylie For Her BFF Allegedly Hooking Up With Tristan Thompson

I haven't had a moment of peace since the news broke about Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloé Kardashian, again, with Kylie Jenners best friend/honorary sister Jordyn Woods.

I'm completely gagged.

If you know anything about Kylie, you know her soulmate is Jordyn Woods... or it was Jordyn Woods up until about five minutes ago.

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Jordyn and Kylie live together, vacation together and even collaborated on an eye shadow palette for Kylie Cosmetics together.

So ya, they've BEEN pretty damn close for a long time. So close that Jordyn has basically become family to not only Kylie, but all her sisters.

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She also recently launched her own fitness wear line SECNDNTURE.

So basically, she has become a brand because of her association with her bestie, no tea no shade.

Khloé also took Jordyn under her wing, using her as a model in a photo campaign for her jean company, Good American.

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So when the news broke that Jordyn and Tristan had allegedly spent the night together, everyone immediately thought of the sisters and their friendship with Jordyn and how MESSY this was about to get.

Kylie's Instagram comments began being flooded with negative comments about...Kylie.

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"She obviously wants what you guys do you think it is smart to have her around your babies?"

"You should def give jordyn some of your money," another wrote.

It's weird that all this anger is being directed at Kylie considering she hasn't done anything wrong. Tristan is the one that cheated, y'all.

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So let's flood his Instagram... oh wait, he disabled all his comments like he did the last time he cheated on KoKo.

So far Kylie has stayed quiet, which is understandable. She's caught between two of her favorite people.

However, it's clear Khloé and her BFF Malika are completely done with Tristan, posting praise under this @hollywoodunlocked Insta video.

If one thing is for sure, we can all safely hate on Tristan, lol.

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As for Kylie and Jordyn, these two have been friends since 8th grade. These girls have GLOW'D UP (pls refer to pic below) together:

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Whatever happens, I'm sure Kylie will stick with her sister and her family until the end.