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Mom Turns Her Twin's Naps Into Dreamy DIY Photoshoots

Ayumi Omori is a mother from Japan who turns her twins' naptime into a series of magical photos that look like they came straight out of her children's dreams.

Through creative backdrops and simple props, Ayumi somehow manages to take these amazing photos without waking up her kids.

Aymui has collected fans around the world thanks to these photos which she shares on Instagram.

Gone Fishin'

Ayumi takes inspiration from her children's natural sleeping postures when deciding what scene to put together for her photos. In this case, this back-to-back pose was perfect for a fishing scene.

Out of this world

Even though Ayumi uses simple sheets and fabric props to create these scenes, the detail in them is amazing. I love this UFO-themed shot!

Little squirrels

Besides showing off her creativity, these photos are an amazing way to capture the bond between her twins. I bet they will treasure these photos when they are older.

I scream, you scream...

... we all scream for ice cream!

Well, actually we probably shouldn't scream — we don't want to wake up the kiddos.

Speaking of which, how does Ayumi capture these photos without waking up her children?

Rocket science

Aymui posted this one to celebrate the start of summer vacation and the end of studying (for a bit, anyway).

Even though the twins are only in kindergarten, I think every kid gets excited about summer vacation.

Flower power

This pose was inspired by those dancing sunflower toys they used to sell as gag gifts. Awww, I love this! You can't help but feel happy looking at it.

Laundry day

I think this might be one of my favorites because I love all the little details. A pot lid was used to make the door of the washing machine and the laundry basket adds a nice touch.

Piggy bank

Clearly, one of these kids knows the importance of saving, while the other is ready to break this piggy open. For the record, I was always more of a smasher than a saver when it came to my piggy bank.

In the eye of an owl

They look so cozy all bundled up in this whimsical woodland arrangement. I think my favorite part of this photo is how their toes are sticking out to make the owl's feet.

These photos are amazing, and I can't wait to see what other creative designs Ayumi and her children come up with!