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People Are Seriously Ripping Into Cardi B's 'Oyster Shell' Gown At The Grammy's

Avery Gillis 11 Feb 2019

When it comes to award shows, red carpet fashions are usually either a hit or a miss.

And in some cases, they simply become a meme — which is exactly what happened with Cardi B.

As soon as people saw Cardi B walk the red carpet, they had thoughts.

And obviously, Twitter isn't afraid to share their opinions.

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Where's the lie?

Just because she looks exactly like a coffee filter doesn't mean we hate her look, right?

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Okay, maybe it's not our favorite outfit from the evening.

But it also wasn't the worst.

And hey, at least it got people talking, right?

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I was so distracted with her dress, that I didn't even notice her headpiece situation.

It looks delicious, tbh.

It also reminds me of croquembouche.

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This is my favorite comparison of them all.

Honestly, the dress is very Cardi, if you know what I mean.

Not many people could rock it, but she sure did.

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