Kim Kardashian Hired Personal Paparazzi So That Fans Can Repost Her Pictures

Andrew Roberts 11 Feb 2019

If you weren't aware, photographers and paparazzi are now out there looking to file suits against celebrities to hosting photos they've taken on social media. It seems odd, but makes perfect sense on all accounts.

Yes, paparazzi are taking photos in public. Yes, the celebrities are the subjects of the photos. But copyright and everything else makes them the offender if they put these pictures of their own social media.

Fan Accounts

Some of the biggest targets here are the Kardashians and their fans who run accounts that feature images of the sisters and their family. Copyright claims get these images taken down and many have to pay up for using copyrighted images.

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Repeat Offenders

Khloe and Kim Kardashian have been vocal about the copyright claims against their photos taken by paparazzi photographers. Kim K has even gone to some extremes in order to counter it all.

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Speaking Out

Both sisters have spoken out about it online, with Khloe noting that she's been sued in the past for reposting an image of herself. This leads to her actually licensing these images in order to avoid lawsuits that pop up.

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Brainstorming With The Fam

Kim Kardashian chimed in on her end noting that she'd be brainstorming with her family to solve this growing issue -- both for themselves and their fans who should be able to post whatever they want.

It's typically not for money, it's appreciation, it doesn't seem like the type of things you'd see someone go after.

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The Posting Doesn't Stop

The posting of images has not stopped for these folks since then. If anything, we've seen non-stop photos from all the family members -- from selfies to professional looking shots.

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Are These All Candid Shots?

It makes you wonder if all of these shots are truly candid or if there is something else going on? Maybe the solution has come and we weren't aware.

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As It Turns Out

As Kardashian shared last week, she did take steps to change the methods by circumventing the paparazzi entirely. Instead, she's got her own photographer and her fans are free to repost the images as they please.

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An Interesting Turn

It's an interesting turn and possibly a look at the future. The always-on nature of celebrity these days, and the need to control your own image to the best of your ability, basically makes this type of move a must.

Not only is it giving a photographer legit work that doesn't rely on the prices from other media entities, but it's also giving Kardashian control over how she looks. There doesn't have to be the assumption of the gossip rags.

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Will More Follow?


Will we see other celebrities follow this same method? At least the one who are gluttons for the public attention like the Kardashian clan.

We won't be seeing Thomas Pynchon doing this any time soon.

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Still Licensing

As you can see in this photo throwback from 2007, Kardashian is doing things by the book and licensing photos to post on social media. At least that's what you'd think from the crediting and such.

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One Stop Shop

Essentially, it seems all the Kardashian family members are aiming to be one-stop shops for their public image and brands, which is understandable given today's landscape.

They have their hands in many pots, with their image being a big one.

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Not Just Kim

As mentioned above, Khloe Kardashian has also been on the bad side of the paparazzi in the past. So it would seem she could follow her sister's example soon.

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Keeping Busy

All of this stands as another example of just how busy the Kardashians are staying. Kim especially, noting that she missed Stormi's birthday party. That's busy.

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