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Twitter Seriously Hates Will Smith As The Genie After Seeing The 'Aladdin' Trailer

Avery Gillis 11 Feb 2019

Disney has been on a kick of making live-action remakes of their old movies, and its been okay so far.

They can't all be winners, and the latest trailer for Aladdin is proving just that.

Let's jump right in.

The latest trailer for the Aladdin movie dropped, and we finally got to see what Will Smith looks like as The Genie.

And yes, he's blue.

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Twitter had an immediate response to seeing this version of the Genie.

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And I wish I was being dramatic when I say that everybody quite literally hated it.

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The whole trailer itself wasn't that bad.

But seeing a blue Will Smith really isn't what dreams are made of.

More like nightmares, actually.

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I swear I had to do a double take when I saw this blue... situation.

I love Will Smith but can anyone love him enough for this madness to not be laughable.

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Some things are best left animated.

Seeing this version of the Genie is proof that just because you can make a live-action remake, doesn't mean that you should.

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People seriously tore him to shreds.

And to be fair, we should really watch the movie before we pull out our torch and pitchforks.

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But the jokes are just too funny, we can't help ourselves.

I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa.

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I'm gagging!

Did you forget that critically acclaimed actor and overall zaddy Will Smith is also a Youtuber now?


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Honestly, Will never stood a chance.

People will never forget that Robin Williams was the one and only Genie, and he's basically irreplaceable.

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How does he look like the genie and also himself but also simultaneously looks like neither?

I guess that's just showbiz, baby!

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Also, let's not forget that Carpet made an appearance in the trailer and people don't seem to care?

Um hello, magic carpet ride anyone??

So disrespectful to our floor mat friend!

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Which is honestly so rude!

Giphy | Disney

I wonder if they'll recreate this often slept on handshake!

Friendship goals amirite ladies???

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Speaking of disrespect, where my "Big Fat Liar" fans at?!

Paul Giamatti is my ultimate blue bae, sorry 'bout it.

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Anyway, who's going to give this movie a chance and watch it once it hits theatres?


Catch me there on opening night, tbh.

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