Some 'Game Of Thrones' Cast Members Commemorate Their Characters With Tattoos

Andrew Roberts 11 Feb 2019

We're definitely marching towards the final season of Game Of Thrones now. The shooting is done, the promotion has started -- including a very strange Bud Light crossover -- and the prequel series already has a start date.

It's coming to an end and the cast are marking the closure with some tattoos.

Sisters Forever

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner both got matching tattoos to memorialize the end of the Stark family -- at least on television, though they might die in the show too.

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You can see both of them post-tattoo in this photo, looking vibrant and full of life. It's almost like they got a large weight taken off of their shoulders. Who knows what that could be?

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The Pack Survives

You can see the tattoo in its glory here -- with tattoo artist Lauren Winzer behind the work and design. It's definitely simple and effective, the way a tattoo really should be. Some folks aim too high with their design and it can backfire.

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Mother Of Dragons

They weren't the only folks to get Game Of Thrones tattoos to memorialize the end of the show. Emilia Clarke got this trio of dragons on her wrist.

This is perfection if we're being honest.

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The Final Season

Elsewhere, HBO released a slew of character images for the final season. They don't reveal any big details about the final season's plot -- not that they need to -- but they do give us a peek at the looks our favorite characters will be sporting.

There are a few missing too, but that would likely be a spoiler given their location at the end of the last season.

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Dragon And Wolf

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are still pretty close, something that shouldn't be a surprise given what we saw between then last season.

But how will that change once both find out they're related? Will it matter at all?

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Here is Sophie Turner as the modern Sansa Stark. She is at the top of many lists of characters that will bite it in the final season. Winterfell is the center of the bullseye when it comes to the White Walker army of the dead making its way south.

If she makes it, it'll be a bit of a silly end considering the torture she went through for the majority of the series.

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Queen Cersei hasn't really looked different for the entire run of the series. She changes her hair and she changes outfits, but she has no emotion outside of her moment being shamed in the streets.

Her revenge a few seasons back to gain the throne was superb, but she's looking to be the turncoat against humanity when the Night King heads south. She's not going to stop playing Queen so easily and it might spell her end.

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Brienne Of Tarth

You'll notice the lack of Tormund Giantsbane in these photos. He seemed to survive the White Walker assault on The Wall, but it isn't confirmed yet. This means our hopes of seeing his love with Brienne come to fruition could be dashed.

But still, The Hound is around. Brienne is around. There's plenty of fighting to do. It's good to see our giant people are still in the fray.

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Troublesome Bran

Bran Stark here -- not as the Night King, you freaks -- looking at some fire and probably thinking about how he's screwed a lot of things up before making it back to Winterfell.

Will he be the one to save the day in the final season? He is The Three-Eyed Raven now, so why wouldn't he?

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Lord Varys

Varys is looking like he hasn't had a scratch on him. We doubt he'll be doing any real fighting, of course. He mostly just stands around plotting his next four moves or something like that.

Though he did have an interesting interaction with Melisandre before she ran off.

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The fan favorite and GOAT of the series, Tyrion might bite it too because this is a cruel show and it hates its own fans. Here is very alive, though, and we can hope he stays that way. Maybe he'll get to ride on a dragon or do some killing again.

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Say what you will about the implications behind it, the name Kingslayer is great. Jaime Lannister rode north to be a hero, turning his back on his sister/lover/queen to fight the army of the dead. When she noted that she'd be betraying Jon Snow and the Northern Army, Jaime was disgusted and seemed to finally come full circle.

Now he's likely going to end up being the one to kill Cersei.

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Will Emilia Clarke's Mother of Dragons make it through the final battle? Will we see a dragon on zombie dragon fight with the reanimated Vyserion and the Night King?

If we don't, it will be a disappointment.

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Arya Stark And Her List

Arya Stark looks healthy here and it makes you wonder about the status of her list. She got some sweet vengeance on Walder Frey and his clan, but it seems she might have to stop short given the circumstances.

Will be nice to see her reunite with The Hound.

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The King Of The North?

And finally, we have Jon Snow. A Targaryen. A Stark. A short man. And a hero that seems to be the only hope of Westeros. Will he also turn out to be Azor Ahai? Will it be someone else?

What if they kill him off in the first episode back, throwing a wrench into every fan theory out there? I'd love it.

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