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The Cast From 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Reunited And We're Living For It

Avery Gillis 8 Feb 2019

My favorite part about the '90s was without a doubt, the many rom-coms that we were blessed with.

These types of movies are far and few between these days, but at least we can look back fondly on these classics, and completely die when a reunion happens.

We're loving it.

2019 is off to a good start.

Entertainment Weekly really came through and brought together the cast of My Best Friend's Wedding for the most iconic reunion of the year.

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Here's what the cast looked like back in 1997.

Getty Images | Kevin.Mazur

They're all little babies, right?

I bet they had no idea how huge their careers would turn out to be.

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Such a glo up.

Can someone tell me what water Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz have been drinking? I'm thirsty.

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What other '90s rom-coms cast members would you love to see reunite?

I know it would basically be Julia Roberts over and over again, but I'm living for the nostalgia!

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