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All The Adorable Photos Kat Von D Has Shared Of Her Baby Boy

Celebrities share pictures of their kids all the time online, but since Kat Von D welcomed a baby boy last year, we can't get over his adorable photos.

Kat has been sharing updates of her little guy with cute photos and intimate videos. Her fans are loving the posts and so are we!

Kat Von D and her husband, Rafael Reyes, welcomed their baby boy in November 2018.

They named him Leafar Reyes and he has been taking over Kat's Instagram account ever since.

Kat has been very open when it comes to sharing her experiences as a new mom.

She revealed that she had to use donor breastmilk when her own didn't come in.

He definitely looks a lot like his dad.

Those eyes! They are too cute for words. I do see a bit of Kat in him, too. I can't wait to see who he looks like as he grows.

Daddy time

Kat captioned this photo, "Loves of my life." Awwww! The bond between a new baby boy and his dad is so special.

Even more time with dad.

Leafar looks so comfortable hanging out on dad's shoulder in this picture. What a beautiful image.

Those eyes!

There is nothing sweeter than those big, round baby eyes taking in the world around them. Leafar looks like a curious little guy in this pic.

Getting some Vitamin "Double-D".

Kat has shared a few updates about her breastfeeding journey with her followers on Instagram. This beautiful video of her nursing outside was praised online.

All smiles!

I don't think there's anything more adorable than when a baby laughs and giggles. This video is almost too cute for words.

Listening to a lullaby

Kat posted this video of her playing piano to little Leafar. It's never too early to expose children to music and Leafar seems to be enjoying the piano.