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Dog Honks Horn When Owner Takes 'Too Long' Buying Wine

One thing that parents learn quickly is that kids often seem to imitate their behavior at the worst possible times.

Sure, sometimes they'll say something nice in the exact way mommy or daddy said it, but they're just as likely to start giving the finger like it's going out of style after the one time they saw their parent do it during rush hour.

And as one Florida woman learned, this "monkey see, monkey do" behavior isn't just limited to humans. Or monkeys, for that matter.

All the woman wanted was some wine.

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She said that she brings her dog everywhere and left all four windows cracked so she'd have some fresh air and wouldn't get too hot.

So far, so good, right?

However, before the woman could find what she wanted, she heard some honking in the distance.

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At first, it hadn't occurred to her that her dog could be doing it. But since it kept going, she went outside to see what the trouble was.

After all, it should be noted that the horns she were hearing were particularly loud.

Not only that, but we're not talking about short bursts either. The one honking the horn was leaning on it.

If anyone in the area was napping, they were kicked out of dreamland in a hurry.

Sure enough, the horn belonged to the woman's car and it was her precious pooch doing the honking.

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Once she realized what was going on, it all seemed to click. The dog had somehow learned to honk the horn before this incident and it apparently wasn't her first time doing it either.

By the time she took her trip to the liquor store, the owner had already figured out why the dog does this.

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She describes this as happening when she takes "too long" at the store. It's unclear exactly how long too long is, but the dog will stoically honk once the woman passes that threshold.

Oddly enough, this isn't the only dog to show its impatience with honking.

ABC13 | Yvonne Blankenship

According to ABC13, this Ohio dog named Diamond is well-known in her neighborhood for honking when her owner goes to the store for a few minutes.

And much like Diamond, the Florida dog is starting to earn a reputation for doing it as well.

Her owner said that the same thing happened after she pulled up to the laundromat later that night.

Apparently, this made everyone else in the place crack up. Hopefully, the full video does the same for you.

This dog is so bossy it's like having a mom away from home. I'm not even mad.

This dog surely does what he wants, when he wants.