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14+ Brilliant Bra Hacks To Solve The Most Annoying Struggles

Having boobs is a struggle. Sure, they look nice on the outside, but if you actually have them, you know about all of the countless things that can go wrong.

Personally, I will do everything in my power to never wear a bra. Free the nipple, amirite?

But for those of you who haven't gotten on that bandwagon yet: Women have been cultivating bra hacks since the beginning of time to make them slightly more bearable, and give the girls the support they need.

Bras losing their shape over time is something that happens to the best of them.

But there are a few things you can do to slow down the process, and make your bras last way longer.

Always store your bras with both cups open.


It's tempting to invert one cup and fold the bra in half to save space. But eventually, the inverted side will lose its shape and elasticity.

Use a washer ball instead of just throwing your bras in the wash.

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Not only does this help preserve the shape of your bra, but also helps prevent the straps and wire from getting twisted and tangled with other things.

Store your bras in a bra container when travelling.

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Simply folding up your bra and stuffing it into your suitcase before traveling is a surefire way to ruin a bra.

Try storing it in a hardshell case, so that your bras don't get crushed.

Never hang your bras to dry.

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Hanging your bras to dry will eventually cause them to stretch and lose their shape.

If you insist on putting them in the dryer, at the very least, put them inside a dryer ball (It's the same concept as a washer-ball, but for the dryer instead.)

Lay them on a flat surface instead.

It's an extremely simple fix.

Just try laying them flat on a drying rack, or on a table to dry instead.

Need a lift, without buying a push-up bra?

Sometimes push-up bras can be a bit over the top, and add a lot more cleavage than necessary.

But if you're just looking for a smaller, less noticeable list, there are a few things to try.

Criss-crossing your straps.

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If your bra has convertible straps, you're already two steps ahead.

All you have to do is unhook them in the back, and attach the hooks into the loops on the opposite side.

Use a paperclip.

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If your straps are not detachable, you can use a paperclip to attach your straps in between your shoulder blades.

Or, if you don't have a paperclip, you can always try bringing your straps together, and tying a small piece of string around both of them.

If you're looking for less subtle cleavage, don't worry, there's a hack for that too.

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If you're more of a the bigger, the better type of person, this one is for you.

For a push-up that will have people breaking their necks when you walk by, this is the ultimate hack.

Try layering a backless, strapless, adhesive bra underneath a strapless push-up bra.

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It might sound a bit extreme to wear two bras at once, but it's honestly a game-changer.

Want to wear a cute bralette, but are worried about your nipples still being visible?

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Bralette's are adorable. But let's get real. The moment a light breeze hits you, your nipples are going to be pulling a Rachel from Friends.

If you know, you know.

Trip nipple tape.

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Nipple tape is great for wearing with tight strapless shirts, tank-tops, dresses, and bralettes.

A very practical purchase!

You could also try making your own bralette using an old padded bra, some fabric, and a hot glue gun.

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For something summery that you can rock at a music festival, this will definitely do the trick!

Simply pick up floral or lace fabric at a craft store, and glue the pieces on to an old bra.

When you buy a new bra, always use the loosest hooks in the back, not the tightest.

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It may seem counterintuitive to do this. But the idea is that you find a bra that fits best when the clasps are on the loosest hook. That way, when the bra stretches over time, you can start tightening by using the second and third clasps.

Tired of your bra straps digging into your shoulders?

Having to spend all day pretending you're not in pain because your bra straps are cutting off all blood circulation, is definitely something I could do without.

Try sliding silicone pads under your bra straps.

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As long as your shirt has sleeves to cover them up, these things are super comfortable and keep your bra straps from torturing you.

Backless dresses are cute AF. But impossible to wear with a bra.

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If you're all about letting the girls run wild, then this isn't a problem.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a luxury, and needs that extra support.

Try sewing an old bra inside a backless dress for extra support.

Just cut all the straps off, sew in, and you're set!

If you're not much of a seamstress, and the dress is a thick material, try hot gluing the bra on the inside of the dress.

If you work out regularly, you probably know that having a clean sports bra on every time you work out isn't always possible.

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Unless you're doing your laundry every single day, which is unlikely, then you're probably going to have to re-wear a dirty sports bra a couple of times.

Try bringing your sports bra into the shower with you when you're done working out, and hand washing it.

Hand washing bras with a wire is quite difficult, but hand washing a sports bra is a piece of cake.

Afterward, you can hang it on the shower rod to dry, and you'll have a fresh, clean sports bra in time for your next work out.

The wire inside a bra is a hazard we face on a daily basis.

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This will really hit home for bustier women.

Bras without a wire are great for women with a smaller chest. But if you're a C-cup or larger, you know that without a wire, your boobs will just hang uncomfortably, with zero support, collecting sweat.

But bras with a wire, will inevitably stab you in the ribs

If your heart is set on wearing that old bra with the wire poking out, try this:

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Cut up a thin pad, or panty-liner, and wrap it around the areas that the wire could potentially sneak out of.

Kudos to all the women out there who are still wearing bras, and still facing all of the struggles that come along with it.

I can't be bothered to wear a bra 99.9% of the time. So I salute the women that do.