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Florida Man Tries To Prove To Mother He's Independent By Robbing Convenience Store

Clark Sparky 23 Jan 2019

This is probably not the best way to try to impress your mother.

Not a Smooth Criminal


Hasan Alexander Campbell, a Florida man, walked into a Circle K and attempted to hold up the cashier for money. The cashier refused and a fight ensued between Campbell and a customer.

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Short Chase


Campbell managed to get away from the customer and fled in his car while police pursued him. Police disabled his vehicle in a nearby county and arrested Campbell.

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Impress Mom

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This all seems rather mundane, until Campbell started talking.

Campbell told police that he was “trying to figure himself out” and he allegedly tried to rob the store to prove to his mom that he was “independent” and can take care of himself.

Yes, that was his motive -- to show his mom he can provide for himself.

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Plans Ruined


In the police report, Campbell also admitted to being a "dick" and said he had planned to meet up with a relative and go to a strip club.

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Unsplash | Mitch Lensink

Campbell was charged with with attempted robbery, battery and fleeing and eluding. He's being held on $23,000 bail. Hopefully he made his mom proud!

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Florida Men

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This is just the latest in the neverending string of wild Florida crime stories. Last month, a Florida man was arrested after he stole a Christmas wreath off someone's front door then hung it on his own front door about 3 miles down the street.

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Run Over

Unsplash | Rahul Bhosale

This weekend, a Florida man (and woman) ended up in the hospital after a police ran over them. The couple was laying in the middle of a road to get a better view of the lunar eclipse.

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Can't Swim

Unsplash | Blake Wheeler

An 18-year-old Florida man ended up in the hospital earlier this month after he jumped into a lake while fleeing police and needed to be rescued. The man didn't know how to swim.

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Horrible Accident

Unsplash | Quentin Kemmel

A Florida man in Jacksonville was arrested over the weekend and charged with manslaughter after he killed his friend with his friend's own pistol. The man charged didn't know the gun was loaded, so he pointed it at his friend's head and pulled the trigger.

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