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12+ Times Jason Momoa Hilariously Tried To Steal Your Girl

Have you ever looked at Jason Momoa and thought, "God, he's handsome"? Of course you have, you have eyes.

The Aquaman star and certified babe is everywhere right now — even on your girl.

Momoa hits up the con circuit once in a while to interact with fans, and the photo ops that come out of those cons are too good for words. Let's check out the best of them, starring Mister Steal-Your-Girl.

Face, meet palm

Imgur | twoforjoy

This image is captioned, "I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn't comfortable with that."

Double power move: signing right over the dude's face.

Two for one

We stan an open minded couple! These two got a two for one special with their photo ops.

The massive grins on all of their faces was well worth the price of both of them.

Having her cake and eating it too

Reddit | Kumaton

My favorite part of this is that they decided to still have her hold her boyfriend's hand.

The look on his face and the perfectly raised "WTF" hand make the picture just that much better.

It's a nice day for a beach wedding


Imagine having Aquaman photobomb your whole wedding.

Jason Momoa rolled up to this couple's wedding and proceeded to take some truly legendary pictures, including one where it looks like he's gonna stab his trident at the groom. #weddinggoals

I literally can't.

As much as I adore Jason, I never had a desire to take a picture with him like this — until right now.

Now that's what I call rejection

Not only is Jason going to steal your girl, but he's going to steal her from his fellow Stargate cast member, as well.

Here, Jason one-ups Joe Flanigan. Looks like they made up, though.

Even in a throwback, he's serving face

Monitoring Broadcast Signals

This snap from a Stargate convention just proves that Jason has been snatching ladies for years.

He might be Aquaman now, but he's been a heartbreaker forever. Just look at that eyebrow raise. He knows what he's about.

There's a pink sock here for some reason

I have no idea what's happening here, and I feel like context still won't help.

But I do know that this family came prepared for this photo op, and they totally nailed it.

More like Mister Stealing-Back-His-Girl

Twitter | @deaning13

To be fair, a girl dressed as Daenerys Targaryen is surely in search of her Khal Drogo. Jason just did what any good husband would do, and snatched his girl back.

Two generations of ladies

Instagram | @katalyna_rose

Like, this one is clearly not intentional, but it's still hilarious.

The guy is firmly on the outside while Jason gets both girls to himself. We stan a legend who hugs kids!

The wind beneath her wings

Elite Readers

Guys, this photo is amazing. Jason hammed it up hard with this couple, including kicking his foot out to push the other man away right in the thigh. Plus, the way he towers over her just adds extra hilarity.

10/10 would laugh at again.

Happiness is a man in flip flops

Reddit | WatchPeopleDieInside

Same energy as the last one, but this time with extra flip-flops. The look on her face is one of pure joy, and completely relatable. I mean, Jason Momoa is hugging her.

IRL encounters are no different from photo ops

Apparently, he does this in the wild, too. This couple stopped Jason for a quick snap, and he acquiesced in the most legendary way possible.

While the look on his face is priceless, I think the spurned guy gets the acting award for this one.

The whole fam damily

I love that even this couple's son was in on the photo op shenanigans. He's just chillin' while Jason cheeses it up, and the dad serves some for real dead eyes at the camera.

Wrestlemania who

While he has both people wrapped up in his arms, it's clear that one wants to be there way more than the other. And who can blame her?

Also, we need to acknowledge that guy's beard and hat. What's happening there?

He's looking for a throwdown

Elite Readers

Oh my god. That guy's angry face is so damn good. He looks furious that both of his friends have been nabbed by the one and only Jason Momoa.

But, like, who can blame them?

The photo ops become mainstream

YouTube | The Graham Norton Show

Jason's photo ops are so legendary that Graham Norton brought them up on his show.

Jason and the show's two other guests, Bill Bailey and Darcey Bussell, recreated their favorite one.

Doin' this since 2013

Tumblr | thirat-atthiraride

Does this man not age? Like, it's a little suspicious. Also, I wanna shout out the guy in the back, who showed up with those sunglasses and added a cool dude vibe to the whole thing.

I respect you, dude.

Bonus Op: Mister Steal-Your-Man

Imgur | ElliotWolfe

What do you do when you have access to your girlfriend's Dany outfit and a photo op with Jason Momoa coming up?

You drag yourself up and entertain the hell out of Jason, that's what.

Bonus Op: Piggyback realness

Tumblr | padawanbrittany

This group had about half of this photo op figured out. Jewel Staite and Mitch Pileggi clearly weren't really in on what Jason and Joe Flanigan were up to, but that's okay. It makes for some chaotic art.

Bonus Op: Fight me, dude

Because sometimes, you just want Jason Momoa to put you in a headlock and threaten to punch you in the face. I'm not joking. Maybe that's a mood for some people, and that's valid.

Bonus Op: Left Shark

Reddit | fjordfjord

Aquaman, but pack it full of memes. Jason grabbed Left Shark and another fellow Aquaman for this photo op. I just think we should all appreciate Left Shark's face, here. It's too good.

Bonus Op: Climb up, girl

Apparently, this whole scene was Jason's idea. I don't really wanna question why his idea was for her to jump on his back and have her choke him. Sometimes, art shouldn't be examined.

Bonus Op: May the Force Be With You

Reddit | Throwaway57161852

This fan decided he wanted to recreate an adorable picture of Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley. It's a two-for-one deal because it's also a fun reversal of the usual "girl on Jason's back" op.

That dude is strong.