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11+ Insanely Massive Things You Can Pick Up At Costco

Costco's whole appeal comes down to the fact that you can get stuff in bulk there, but that doesn't mean we can't still be a little surprised at how committed they are to that business model.

Sure, it's not hard to see why we'd want, say, 20 Nestlé drumsticks. After all, even if we're not passing out summer treats at cookout or something, it's nice to have a steady supply of ice cream.

But the mind honestly boggles as to why somebody would need an almost literal truckload of Lucky Charms. And that's only scratching the surface.

A couple of years ago, Costco would sell over six quarts of Belvedere vodka in one bottle.

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According to Facebook user Costco King, this retailed for about $530, which amounts to $84 per quart.

I say "would" because as we'll see, Costco seems to have a weird habit of removing these massive items from their stock just as abruptly as they put them in.

It's hard to imagine why anybody would need 40 pounds of honey, but they can now get it in one big tub.


The tub says the bees made it from clover, but their website said that it's really more of a blend, which a reviewer seemed to notice.

For about $90, you can get an almost 24-pound bucket of mac and cheese.


Which, yes, amounts to about 180 servings. But if that seems like pure insanity, it's important to note that the pasta is kept seperate from the cheese sauce and the product has a shelf life of about 20 years.

In other words, you'll probably be fine.

Yeah, your eyes don't deceive you. Once upon a time, Costco sold entire barrels of Jack Daniels.

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This one doesn't seem to be available anymore, which doesn't really come as a surprise.

Finding someone willing to drop $8,600 on whisky all at once and find a way to extract it from a barrel was apparently tougher than they thought.

But if learning that your whisky barrel-related dreams are dashed gets you down, you can can cuddle up to this giant teddy bear.


I suppose there's something priceless about a bear that's big enough for a group hug from the whole family, which is good because this 93-inch bear retails for about $290.

One of Costco's weirdest offers has to be the time they sold an entire pallet of Lucky Charms snack bars for $2,280

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Actually, that was the reduced price you got if you happened to place an order between January 2nd and January 18th of 2015.

Otherwise, that set of 8,640 bars would've set you back a whole $3,000. Of course, you'd need a time machine to make such a bizarre order now anyway.

Costco sold 6.6 pound bags of Cheetos, but it's not easy to get them.

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For one thing, there isn't any evidence that they still sell these if you really want one for whatever reason.

For another, even when they were available, it looks like you could only get them in Mexico.

People either love or hate Nutella, but those who love it can now get themselves more than they could ever need.

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Of course, that sounds like an invitation for someone to post a picture of one of these empty 6.6-pound tubs of the stuff and prove me wrong.

If so, I'm sure that was $22 well-spent.

It may be hard to find in a Costco now, but somebody happened across a 10-pound Toblerone bar in one of their stores.


Although we'll just have to accept that we missed the boat on some of these weird offers, this massive candy bar is available for $97 on amazon if you really want it.

Tuna was never really my thing, but those who feel differently can get a four pound can of it right now.


You need to enter your ZIP code to even see how much it costs.

Apparently, this is because it might not be available in your area.

If it never seems like you have enough Nerds, be on the lookout for this 1.5 pound box of them.

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However, as reviewers mentioned, this big box basically just contains 20 regular boxes of the candy.

So unless that big box is super important to you, going the other way might be cheaper.

If you like your candy a little softer, this four-pound bag of gummies may be a better fit.

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Plus, we can actually see through the bag this time, so we know it's not just a bunch of normal servings packaged in a weird way.

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