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An Old Video Of Katherine Schwarzenegger Picking Chris Evans Over Pratt Is Cute AF

As we all know by now, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are officially tying the knot!

We're super happy for them, but we were surprised to discover an old interview where Katherine is asked to choose between three of Hollywood's favorite Chris'. What a weird coincidence!

When it comes to celebrities named Chris, there are three major names that probably come to mind.

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In regards to the Marvel universe, you probably think of either Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, or Chris Hemsworth.

The debate has been going on for a long time now.

People are constantly arguing over who is the "hottest" Chris, and the opinions are always all over the place.

Let's face it, they're all hot. But still, the debate continues.

Katherine Schwarzenegger sat down for an interview with Access Hollywood, long before she began dating Chris Pratt.

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And of course, she was asked which Chris is the hottest.

Without skipping a beat, she chose Chris Evans.

Instagram | @accessonline

A very commendable answer, to be fair. Chris Evans is pretty nice to look at.

What's even more adorable is that as soon as she picked Evans, she switched her answer almost immediately.

"Actually, Chris Pratt," she says.

"Chris Pratts been looking good lately, so, you never know," she adds.

Okay, she literally says "you never know."

Instagram | @katherineschwarzenegger

Uh, we had no idea that Katherine Schwarzenegger is secretly some sort of prophet, but okay.

It's adorable that she picked Chris Evans at first, but changed her answer to Chris Pratt, who she'll literally end up marrying one day.

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If anyone knows Katherine in person, can you have her call me? I just want to chat.

I'm going to start saying "you never know," any time I want something.

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They're so cute together, congrats to the happy couple!