A Couple Is In Jail After Doctors Find 28 Fractures On Their 4-Month-Old Baby

Clark Sparky 16 Jan 2019

This is a horrible story of two very bad parents that severely injured their young baby.

The Couple

Sussex Police

Aleksandra Kopinska and Adam Jendrzeczak live in Brighton, England. They have a four-month-old boy together. In February 2017, they brought the boy to the hospital for a broken arm. And that's when the gruesome discoveries were made.

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28 Broken Bones

When doctors performed an x-ray on the baby boy they discovered that he had much more than just a broken arm. There were 28 total fractures all over his body. He had "multiple rib fractures, knee fractures, and ankle fractures."

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Immense Pain

The couple tried to play dumb, saying that the boy broke his arm by tripping over a raised carpet and that they had no clue about his other injuries. The boy was apparently in "immense" pain for weeks.

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Unsplash | NeONBRAND

The couple was arrested, and the boy was placed in the care of local authorities until a suitable placement could be found.

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Demand Denied

Unsplash | rawpixel

During the trial, Adam Jendrzeczak dismissed his court-appointed lawyer and demanded the trial to be postponed so his lawyer from Poland could arrive. The judge denied the request and he said he was being "discriminated against." The judge wasn't having it:

"You see yourself as a victim. You have shown absolutely no remorse," she told him. "Those who had to deal with you, both neighbors and health professionals, found your demeanor to be aggressive and hostile."

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Not His First Time

Unsplash | niu niu

This wasn't Adam Jendrzeczak first run in with the law. In 2011, he was arrested for domestic abuse against his own mother.

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Ugly Details

Unsplash | Marcelo Leal

During the trial, it was shown that the boy had been in pain for some time:

Specialists in pediatric medicine provided evidence that proved the injuries were likely inflicted between four to six weeks before they brought the boy in.

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Unsplash | Ye Jinghan

The judge felt no sympathy for the couple and sentenced them to eight years in prison.

“The injuries you caused were truly appalling and showed wicked cruelty towards a tiny baby, almost beyond belief."

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Police Speak

Unsplash | Bruno Martins

After the case was over, Detective Sergeant Jenny Pietersen of the Sussex Police spoke with the media:

"This is a really sad case of child abuse against a vulnerable young child who at 4 months old was helpless and defenseless. We worked closely with the local authority and medical professionals to ensure that the child was safe and prevented any further suffering ... This case will resonate with everyone who hears of it and I am happy to report that the child is developing well, and is not restricted by the injuries he sustained at such a young age.”

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The bulk of reactions online were shock and hate for the parents. There is no way to fully know how the child felt, but many tried to feel that pain.

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Where They Belong?

And the question lingers about if the parents are where they belong? Is it a strong enough sentence?

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Child Doing Well

Unsplash | Luma Pimentel

Police noted that the baby is doing well at this point, a silver lining to the horrible story. From BBC News:

"I am happy to report that the child is developing well, and is not restricted by the injuries he sustained at such a young age."

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More Common Than You Think

And sadly, stories like this are more common and frequent than you'd ever believe. Each year, there are always stories that pop out about young parents or caregivers hurting children and fracturing bones.

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Sad Case

This latest case is sad for the longevity of the abuse that has been reported. It is a shocking case to take in and makes you wonder just what depths parents have to go to in order to do this to a kid.

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