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The Internet Is Creeped Out By This Guy Who Got A Girl's Number Without Her Knowing

Clark Sparky 15 Jan 2019

Here is a lesson in how not to get a woman to go on a date with you.

A Train Ride

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Lynda Lorraine, a 20-year-old student, was riding on the train last week, minding her own business when she apparently had a brief encounter with a man. According to her, the two exchanged no information. But that didn't stop him from contacting her.

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The guy, whose name is Josh, apparently got her phone number by Instagram stalking her. Then, he texted her out of the blue. She posted the interaction on Twitter.

Clearly, she instantly finds this all very creepy. Probably because it is extremely creepy.

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'Wanna Pipe'

Josh feels the need to explain why he didn't just message her on Instagram. See, he only uses DMs for girls he wants to "pipe." But this girl is different; he wants to get to know this girl. How romantic.

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'Take It Or Leave It'

Now Josh gives her an ultimatum in order to find out which bad friend gave him her phone number. "Take it or leave it." Tough choice.

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Delete My Number

The romance continues as he explains that it took him days to track down her number. Then he refers to her as a bitch. I think we're done here.

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Still a Mystery


Lynda told indy100 that she hasn't had any additional contact with Josh and still doesn't know how he got her number:

"I haven’t heard anything from him since, his number is blocked.

And I tried finding out who our mutual friends were but I haven’t had any luck finding his social media."

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Despite the creepiness of this all, she seems to be in good spirits about it. She posted this tweet today, with the caption "momma I made it" in reference to her story ending up on BuzzFeed.

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Call Police?

Some people on Twitter are urging her to take this to the cops. After all, he does know what train she takes and could easily find her again.

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Tons of people in her mentions are using GIFs from Netflix's new series You about a guy who stalks a woman he becomes infatuated with. Seems accurate.

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