27 Things Everyone Has Done But No One Will Admit

Lynne Versluys 15 Jan 2019

We humans like to think that we're all unique and mysterious, but there are tons of odd things that we all do. We may not admit to these strange behaviors, but we all definitely do them.

Avoid The Second Trip

Everyone knows that taking a second trip to bring in groceries is for quitters and weaklings. Sacrifice your arm to the pain and carry them all in at once like a champion.

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Putting Your Hand In The Air For No Reason

Does it make sense? No. Does it feel right? Yes. Will you do it again? Absolutely yes.

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Roll Call Panic

You know what's coming and you somehow manage to speak like a normal person every day, but for some reason,​ that pressure of the attendance call was way too real. You never know if today will be the day that you completely blow it!

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People who don't say "horses" when they see horses on a road trip​ are maniacs who should not be trusted.

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The Towel Chill

If I text you that I'm on my way, I'm lying. I'm still sitting in my towel doing absolutely nothing.

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Someone Else's Problem

Even if that someone is Future You, some things are just best left alone for the present. No one wants to deal with a potential disaster immediately.

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Suspicious Amounts Of Sleep

Even though your alarm is preset and the same every day, today could be the day that something somehow goes wrong and you accidentally sleep through your responsibilities. You just never know.

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Don't Lose Your "Tired"

Sometimes you get lucky and can fall back to sleep after a late night trip to the bathroom. Sometimes you are left wide awake and bummed out.

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Immediate Package Tracking

What do you mean there isn't any information available yet? I placed my order FIVE WHOLE MINUTES AGO!

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