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This 'Bird Box' Makeup Is Worth Taking Your Blindfold Off For

By now you've probably seen the Netflix hit Bird Box. This movie has collectively given us all nightmares and taken the internet by storm.

To show their devotion to this now iconic film, a number of makeup artists are sharing their Bird Box-inspired looks. It's okay! You can take off your blindfold and look at these.

By now, you've heard of "Bird Box".


The horror film starring Sandra Bullock premiered in December 2018 on Netflix and has broken a number of streaming records. The film is a certified hit.

One makeup artist was able to capture a scene from the movie with stunning detail.

Instagram | @ryankellymua

The makeup artist known as @ryankellymua shared this look on Instagram recently and I am blown away by the detail. I can barely apply lip liner so this is seriously impressive.

Others have been sharing their own looks inspired by the film.

Instagram | @kaysey_taylorfx

The more I look at this one, the more I am amazed by the attention to detail. You can see Malorie and the kids rowing in the water.

Many are incorporating the blindfold into their designs.

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The blindfolds are an essential part of the film's plot, so it's no wonder they appear in so many of these looks. This artist created a cool merging between the blindfold and the profile of a bird.

Here's a more colorful take on the trend.

Instagram | @nikkietutorials

Nikkie Tutorials' version is a lot brighter and less scary than some of the other designs. She still has her blindfold, though!

Anyone else getting Alfred Hitchcock vibes?

Instagram | @maybeitsmel_

I love how the blindfold in this design frays off into a group of birds. It reminds me of Hitchcock's classic The Birds.

These makeup artists are so talented.

Instagram | @missing46

Honestly, this looks like it could be the poster for the movie. If these makeup artists want to send me some tips, please do.

So, what do you think?

They were worth taking your blindfold off for, right? I don't think this is the last we're going to see of Bird Box in the style and beauty world.