A Woman Got Banned From Walmart After Drunkenly Riding An Motorized Cart

Lynne Versluys 14 Jan 2019

Walmart can be a wild place, but this woman clearly didn't give a single crap about the rules of civilized society.

A Lawless Place


Walmart isn't exactly the place to find people on their best behavior, but one woman in Witchita Falls, TX, managed to get herself banned for some hilariously questionable behavior. According to reports from the Times Record News, she had been driving a motorized cart around the parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles can.

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Not Afraid Of Consequences

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

The police were called at 9 a.m., and employees informed them that she had been engaged in these antics since 6:30 that morning. Police eventually tracked her down at a local restaurant and informed her that she was no longer welcome at the bargain shopping chain.

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