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People Shared Their Nightmare Movie Theater Experiences, So Be Prepared To Cringe

Lynne Versluys 10 Jan 2019

Going to the movies can be a wonderful experience... until it isn't. People shared some of their most awkward experiences at the cinema on Bored Panda, and some of these are absolute doozies of cringe.

Unbelievably Rude


One woman seemed to think that her phone conversation was more important than anyone else in the theater's experience. This takes the phone brightness from texting to the next annoying level.

"Went to watch Monsters University with my wife and friend. Part way through the movie this lady answers her cell phone, walks to the nearest emergency exit, and holds the door open in the middle of the day. The entire theater lit up. I wasn't about to let this slide. I ran down and pulled the door shut, locking her out. I received an applause from the crowd. She had to do the walk of shame as she came back into the theater to sit back down."

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Not The Film They Expected

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There are awkward theater experiences and then there are ones that are going to send children to therapy.

"Back when Tangled came out I went see it and they accidentally played a new SAW movie. So a bunch of kids got to see a man cauterize a leg stump before they realize why everyone was yelling and walking out.

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Too Close For Comfort

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This person just wanted to have a nice quiet time at a matinee, but this dude had to make it weird.

"One day I decided to go and watch a movie by myself. Bought the ticket on the Internet and was pretty happy to see that I was the first person to buy a ticket for the movie. Once the movie time arrived, I checked online whether more people bought tickets. Guess what. There was. One more person. And he bought his seat... just next to me. The whole place was empty except me, and this stranger, sitting next to each other."

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The Power Of Cher


Listen, we all love Cher. The desire to belt out her hits is an understandable urge. However, in the middle of a different Cher experience is not the time.

"I was watching Mama Mia 2 and when Cher came on stage this guy jumped in front of everyone and yelled out “ do you believe in life after love” and sung it until security came :("

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Shadow Puppets

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Having the picture or sound malfunction in a theater can be the most frustrating experience. But this nightmare turned around quickly thanks to one employee:

Was watching a movie and the reel kept malfunctioning so an employee started doing shadow puppets on the projector with their hands to entertain us

Wait, nevermind that was the BEST experience I had at a movie theater

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It should go without saying that bringing your kids to a horror film with you is a bad idea:

A woman brought her toddlers to see the conjuring 2. There was a scare that made half of the audience yell out "FK" and the woman starts lecturing us on how her kids are here and how they needed to lay off the language. Fking what.

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You Got Played


Some stories are probably best left to yourself and not told out loud to the Internet. Like this one, for example:

I took a girl I was into to the cinema. We saw The Scorpion King. I paid. She said she wanted salted popcorn, so I got her some, and I got sweet, because I hate salted popcorn. Halfway through the film, she wanted sweet popcorn, so, being the gentleman I am, I swapped. After the film, I say I'll call a taxi. She says, "Nah, it's ok, my boyfriend is picking me up." I stand there, stunned, as thanks me for the film, and gets into her boyfriends car, and they drive off.

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