Rocket 'Fireworks' Spark Panic Among Dogs, Dog Walkers

Andrew Roberts 10 Jan 2019

This couple was just out on a stroll with their dogs when the peace of the night turned into an attack. While it doesn't seem to be an intentional attack, it does seem to be a foolish endeavor either way, with someone launching fireworks in a neighborhood -- and having them head directly for our couple here.

Just Out For A Stroll

SWNS TV / YouTube

The incident happened on New Year's Eve as Luke Priest and Jacob Feltham took their pet cockapoos out for a walk in the neighborhood. That's when they were hit by the makeshift device according to Unilad:

The unidentified incompetent rocketmen and/or women are thought to have strapped together two fireworks to make some sort of super device, befitting any pyrotechnic’s very fiery wet dream.

However, the DIY device supposed to dazzle and amaze simply served to ignite the fear of God into [two dogs and two humans].

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SWNS TV / YouTube

The attack shoots directly at the pair and their dog, almost like they're being aimed at. It doesn't seem like the fireworks were intentionally aimed at the couple, but they were shot intentionally down into the street. They just happened to be out at the time.

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Nothing To Play With


As Metro reports, the culprits were obvious:

‘This clearly was an idiot messing around as it was two rockets tapped together. ‘There was more than one lying the in street so you can tell this person was not doing this accidentally. ‘I’m just angry that they didn’t shout down afterwards to see if anyone was OK and just ran off.

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Think Of The Dogs

Giphy | DNCE

If anything, nobody seems to think about dogs at this time. It's already bad enough with the big fireworks going off -- with Ford even trying to adapt the technology for kennels that will block the sound out.

Having to deal with one being shot directly at them is just too much.

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