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The Internet Is Scared Of These Tiny Hand And Feet Manicures

By now, I should know that when it comes to beauty trends, anything and everything goes.

Even with this in mind, nothing could prepare me for these manicures which feature teeny-tiny hands and feet. If they sound creepy, let me assure you that they are.

Since these manicures have gone viral, the internet seems to have collectively decided that these nails are nightmare fuel.

Feast your eyes upon the tiny hand manicure.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

This creation comes to us from the very popular Instagram account @nail_sunny. They are known for doing over-the-top and unconventional manicures, including these, uh, lovely, nails.

Imagine these little hands touching your skin as your scratch your nose.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

Ugh. There's a thought that I never wanted to have. I do love how they added a little bracelet on the one hand though. It's very chic.

Most people seem to have this reaction when they see this manicure.

Yeah, that looks about right. There's just something really unsettling about seeing a little hand on the end of a fingernail.

If that wasn't bad enough, more recently, a design that featured tiny feet was released.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

I honestly don't know which one is creepier. Again, I guess I have to give them props for the detail that went into these decals, but the only question I have is, "Why?"

If you're into this look, you can make your little feet tip-toe around.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

I guess some people are into this? If these manicures were temporary, I could see the appeal for prank purposes, but I'm not sure if we'll see these on the runway anytime soon.

Nightmare-inducing though these nails may be, they aren't the worst we've seen from the nail art world.

Instagram | @_tvoi_nogti

How about this deadly set?

These ones are in straight-up competition with the tiny hands and feet, if you ask me.

Instagram | @bad_decisions_oftheinternet

I'm inclined to think they're Teen Wolf-inspired, but to be perfectly honest, I don't want to ruminate on them too long.

Let's not forget that stiletto nails were also a thing for a while.

Instagram | @naglarbynani

These things are true weapons.

Literally no theme has gone untouched.

Instagram | @_tvoi_nogti

These are definitely summer nails.

Celebrities have also done their part to ensure outrageous nail art doesn't die.

And frankly, I wish it would because I'm starting to worry about where it'll go from here.

Since these tiny hand and feet designs have been introduced to the internet, they have been met with a mix of confusion and shock.

Most people are just not really sure why these exist.

A lot of people were very, very disturbed by these nails.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

Yes, I think we're all internally screaming. I'm really hoping I don't have nightmares tonight because of these manicures.

According to the comments on @nail_sunny's videos, it seems like most people are not here for these looks.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

This one just gets right to the point. What's next? Manicures with little eyeballs on them? Maybe we can just stick with glitter polish from now on. What do you think of these looks?

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