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M&M's Set To Release Jalapeño Peanut Flavor In 2019

For the longest time, we seemed to get along fine with just the two M&M's flavors we know and love. The cranky, street-smart plain one and the gentle, if slightly dopey peanut one. Yes, I'm assigning the actual candies personalities based on the guys in the ads. It's not weird, OK?

Anyway, the '90s saw a brief experiment into new territory with crunchy M&Ms, but it wasn't until 2015 that we really saw the company's adventurous spirit in action. Not only did they bring the crunchy ones back, but the past few years have also seen the rise of mint and caramel flavors.

And now, it seems the M&Ms are getting more experimental than ever.

It seems that the M&Ms company has some big plans for 2019.

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As Instagram user @snackchatlive discovered, they're coming out with three new flavors of peanut M&M this year and all of them are "internationally inspired."

Even at first glance, you might have noticed that one of them isn't quite like the others.

After all, mixing English toffee with peanuts doesn't sound unusual at all.

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It's unlikely that you'd have too much trouble if you went a supermarket in search of peanuts that somebody already covered in toffee. So that flavor should only elicit "yums" or "mehs."

Moreover, a Thai-inspired coconut-peanut flavor isn't even unheard of in the candy world.

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No matter where they took their inspiration, what they've got in mind there is basically a simple nut substitution away from being an Almond Joy.

Nothing weird happening there.

No, the peculiar one of the bunch is definitely the flavor they've used to represent Mexico.

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Yeah, I don't think I can recall trying a combination of jalapeño and peanuts or of jalapeño and chocolate, let alone all three at once.

I don't know about you folks, but I'm not not really sure how I feel about this one.

I like jalapeño peppers, peanuts, and M&Ms, but do these tastes really work well together? After all, it's not like you can usually get a burrito with peanuts and chocolate in it.

Color me intrigued.

Whether I end up liking these or not, I'm just glad they didn't come out when I was a kid.

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That's because my first experience with a new snack usually happened because I'd trade them with my classmates. And I definitely wouldn't put it past those rascals to pass these off as regular M&Ms.

That bait-and-switch surprise would probably hurt any chance of 10-year-old me giving this flavor a fair shake.

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