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15+ Awkward And Unexpected Moments You May Have Missed At The Golden Globes

Does anybody else love award show season, simply for all the awkward moments and hilarious memes that come from them?

Same, and this year's Golden Globes ceremony was no exception.

Fiji Girl was running rampant.

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During the red carpet and even throughout the evening, a mysterious woman holding a tray of water was seen photobombing many moments.

She quickly became known as "Fiji Girl" and we love her.

Allison Brie got stuck on a branch.

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Don't worry, the world didn't end. Worse things have happened on a red carpet before.

But still, Allison Brie got stuck on a branch.

People thought that Chrissy Metz called Allison Brie the b-word.

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Chrissy quickly cleared it up, though, and made it known that she was actually calling her a babe.

Jameela Jamil was very much okay with this prank.

If you don't watch The Good Place, then all you need to know is that Jameela plays the character, Tahani Al-Jamil.

Her very-hated sister on the show is named Kamilah Al-Jamil.

Whoever came up with that idea is a true hero.

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh roasted Lady Gaga.

We all know that Lady Gaga overused her "100 people in a room" quote while doing press for A Star Is Born.

Thankfully, she had a good sense of humor about it.

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh had a joke that fell flat on its face.

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"He discovered Ally, and she discovered him in the garage," Andy quipped, referring to the suicide scene in A Star Is Born.

People didn't love it.

Sandra tried to give a powerful speech and someone burst out laughing.

It was a serious moment, spoiled by someone with a case of the inappropriately timed giggles.

I bet they laugh at funerals too.

Some people think that Lady Gaga got "Leonardo Dicaprio'd".

As Patricia Arquette walked by Gaga, she gave her somewhat of the cold shoulder.

But let's be real, did they want Patricia to stop and have tea with Gaga or something? She had places to be and speeches to give!

Rami Malek brought his prosthetic teeth with him.

He kept them safely in his jacket the whole evening. Clearly, they served as his good luck charm, considering he took home some new hardware later in the evening.

People realized that Christian Bale had an accent.

I get why they wouldn't know before. He plays a lot of roles with a very convincing American accent!

Speaking of Christian Bale...

Julianne Moore's frozen face made for an almost instant meme.

She is me, literally 90% of the time.

Netflix threw some incredible shade.

I wouldn't mind the commercials if they didn't repeat themselves every 15 minutes. Give me some variety!

Jamie Lee Curtis showed up looking like...this.

Some people were thrown off by the hair, especially those who watched Christmas With The Kranks this year.

Honestly, though, I loved it. It's a vibe.

Emma Stone apologized after Sandra Oh playfully called her out for playing a part-Hawaiian and part-Chinese woman in "Aloha".

It was all done in jest, as Emma had already apologized for white-washing the role in the past, but still, we loved that interaction.

John Krasinski adorably cheered on Emily Blunt as she took the stage with Dick Van Dyke.

It was one of the cutest moments from the night.

Talk about ultimate couple goals much?

Glenn Close gave the most impactful, moving speech of the evening.

It resonated with a lot of women who wanted to do more with their life than be a mother or a wife.

So amazing!