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20+ TV Show Characters That Would Suck In Real Life

No matter what, there's always one character in a show that I can't help but think "wow, this person would be awful to be around in real life".

Sometimes they're brutally annoying from the get-go, and sometimes they develop over time and become increasingly unbearable to watch. Either way, I'm glad they're fictional.

Jessica Day from "New Girl".

New Girl would have been the most amazing show if Jessica Day wasn't the main character.

Her whole "I'm so awkward and quirky" couldn't have been more annoying.

Phoebe Buffay from "Friends".


Friends is an amazing show. But let's stop pretending that Phoebe was a good friend.

She's lied and manipulated each of them at one point or another, and nobody seems to notice.

Ross Geller from "Friends".

Of course, Ross Geller, the ultimate victim, makes this list.

He manages to make us feel bad for him, but let's look at the facts: He can't control his temper, he complains about everything, and he refused to take any responsibility for sleeping with the copy girl.

"We were on a break" isn't gonna cut it.

Chidi Anagonye from "The Good Place".

YouTube | The Good Place

While Chidi always has great intentions, I'm not sure I could stand to be around someone who was constantly concerned with ethics.

Live a little, Chidi.

Piper Chapman from "Orange Is The New Black".

Piper Chapman is the poster girl for entitlement. It's like she doesn't even realize she's in jail. She walks around, demanding things, starting petitions, tattooing infinity symbols on herself, and calling herself a "gangsta".

The worst.

Debbie Gallagher from "Shameless".

YouTube | Colin

Debbie wasn't so bad in her younger years; she babysat, helped around the house, and listened to Fiona.

But the minute she became a preteen, she made me contemplate ever watching Shameless again.

Her constant rotten teenage attitude was too much for me.

Ted Mosby from "How I Met Your Mother".

Ted has an insane obsession with finding "the one", and it gets old fast.

It doesn't help that while his quest to find true love seems insatiable, he's also clearly obsessed with Robin the entire time. It was cute until it wasn't.

Stella Zinman from "How I Met Your Mother".

YouTube | jim bro

Stella was straight-up evil. She made him work for months to get a date with her, put him through hoops their entire relationship, tried to force him to move to New Jersey for her, then has the audacity to leave him at the altar for her ex-boyfriend.

Amy Santiago from "Brooklyn nine-nine".

This one is a no-brainer.

Amy is a boring, nit-picky, brown-nosing, teacher's pet.

Nobody likes a suck-up. Thank you, next!

Joe Goldberg from "You".

YouTube | VideoLudix Xp

This one kind of goes without saying.

But Joe Goldberg is a sociopathic criminal who stalks women and murders everyone in their life and leaves them for last. He would absolutely suck in real life.

Jughead Jones from "Riverdale".

People who call themselves "weird" are the worst. He takes the whole "I'm misunderstood" act to new heights that are simply obnoxious to watch.

Emily Fields from "Pretty Little Liars".

YouTube | void alison

First of all, this is the basically the only facial expression she makes for the entire show. Imagine being around that in real life? Nah.

Skyler White from "Breaking Bad".

I get that Walter White is meant to be a bad person in the end. But can we just take in how Skyler and her sister were both incredibly annoying from start to finish?

Peyton Sawyer from "One Tree Hill".

YouTube | julian guerrero

Peyton Sawyer is another great example of the "no one gets me" complex.

She thinks because she's a cheerleader who listens to punk music and draws her own comics that that makes her misunderstood, and better than everyone else.

Clay Jensen from "13 Reasons Why".

The show is supposed to be about Hannah calling out the people who pushed her to the point of no return.

But instead, Clay totally steals her thunder.

Julie Cooper from "The O.C".

YouTube | thephantomplatypus

Julie Cooper has to be one of the worst fictional mom's I've ever seen. I really get the feeling that she doesn't love her family at all, she just loves status.

Marissa Cooper from "The O.C"

Marissa is horrible for so many reasons. I don't even know where to begin. She's monotone, she constantly needs to be saved, and anything bad that ever happened to Ryan was ultimately because of her.

Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory".

YouTube | TheBigGameTheory

He's stale, high-maintenance, controlling, basically the roommate of your worst nightmares. But despite being such a lousy person to be around, he still thinks he's above everyone else.

Superiority-complex at its finest.

Juliette Barns from "Nashville".

Juliette Barns' incessant attitude problem is one that you think may mature by season three or four. But it's relentless and unwavering from beginning to end.

Norma Bates from "Bates Motel".

YouTube | A&E

The only reason Norman went off the rails, is because of Norma's smothering, obsessive mothering techniques. She's just as frightening as Norman, honestly.

Keep them both far away from me!

Rebecca Pearson from "This Is Us".

What kind of woman marries her husband's best friend after he dies, and purposely prevents her adopted son from ever meeting his real father?

Rebecca Pearson's selfish and manipulative ways haven't gone unnoticed.

Pam Beesly from "The Office".

Talking about The Office is a delicate subject. People get offended very easily. But I'm just going to say it, Pam Beesly is the worst. She lies nonstop, and only looks out for herself.

Izzie Stevens from "Grey's Anatomy".

I'm glad that Izzie left the show early on in the series, cause I'm not sure how much more of her I could handle.

She slept with Callie's husband, and instead of apologizing, she tried to fight her.

Cristina Yang from "Grey's Anatomy".

IMBD | Ron Tom

She didn't even show up to Derek's funeral. If you ask me, her friendship with Meredith was never genuine. Cristina's "person" is Cristina.