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19+ Celebs Turning 50 In 2019 That Prove Aging Is A Myth

I get that being rich and famous means you have access to all kinds of anti-aging methods, like lasers, pricey eye serums, and cosmetic surgery, but WTF.

Paul Rudd and J-Lo look like the last 18 years didn't even happen to them.

I am absolutely living for how these celebs are showing 50 who is boss.

Jennifer Aniston.

We all knew from the very first moment we laid eyes on Jennifer Aniston, episode one, season one of Friends, that she was a goddess that was going to age like some fine wine.

Gwen Stefani.

This is insane. I need to know what her skincare routine is, and I need to know it now.

If I look half this good when I turn 50, I'll be happy.

Terrence Howard.

This man was clearly blessed with some gorgeous, youthful genes, amirite?

We all wish we could be this lucky.

Matthew McConaughey

I think we all knew that Matthew McConaughey was always going to look good. The man could be 90, and still look good.

Ice Cube.

Four children, and an entire lifetime of working in the entertainment industry later, and Ice Cube hasn't aged a day. How is this possible? Is there something in the water where he lives?

Ellen Pompeo.

Despite all the stress of working as the surgeon, Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo still looks so flawless.

Jason Bateman.

In just over a week, on the 14th, Jason Bateman is turning 50.

He doesn't look dramatically younger than his age, but he definitely looks good for it.

Sean Combs.

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I'm pretty much convinced that Sean Combs AKA P. Diddy, is a vampire.

The man hasn't aged a day since he turned 30.

Ken Jeong.

YouTube | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

This comedian and actor certainly hasn't let age slow him down, whatsoever. Ken Jeong has the energy level of somebody who's definitely a kid at heart.

Donnie Wahlberg.

How is it humanly possible that Donnie Wahlberg, member of New Kids On The Block, is just turning 50.

Those Wahlberg family genes are serving him and his brothers well.

Gerard Butler.

Instagram | @gerardbutler

I could have sworn that Gerard Butler was only 40, at most. His good looks are only more impressive now that I know he's about to be 50 in November.


Instagram | @allthingsjayz

Neither Jay-Z or his wife, BĂ©yonce, have aged since the early 2000's. It's inconceivable. Jay-Z is, as he would say, Forever Young.

I want whatever magical age-reversing powers those two have.

Renée Zellweger.

YouTube | Elex Michaelson

It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that the one and only, Bridget Jones, is turning 50.

She's never looked better. How does this keep happening?

Cate Blanchett

Instagram | @cate_blanchettofficial

Cate Blanchett looks stunning for somebody that's about to turn 50. Plus, she's rocking the red power-suit -- the true symbol of confidence.

Jack Black.

Instagram | @jackblack

Jack Black's youthful, energetic sense of humor has had me thinking he was, at most, in his late 30's.

He had us all fooled!

Catherine Zeta Jones.

This one is another shocker. Catherine Zeta Jones looks absolutely amazing for her age. I definitely wouldn't peg her for turning 50.

I don't want to know her secret to looking young forever, I need to know.

Christian Slater.

One thing is very clear, Christian Slater does not know how to look his age, He has the whole cool-young-dad look all figured out.

Dave Bautista.

Instagram | @davebautista

Dave Bautista, best known for his pro-wrestling skills, is unsurprisingly beating his battle with age.

Looks like being physically active your whole life pays off.

Norman Reedus.

Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus, turns 50 in just two days, on January 4th.

How old does he really look to you?

Paul Rudd.

Getty Images | Neil Mockford

Here's Paul Rudd, not looking a day over 35, hot as ever.

I am at a loss for words. How is this even possible?

Jennifer Lopez.

Getty Images | Bauer-Griffin

Okay, this isn't right. J-Lo looks younger than some people in their 20's.

Is she even human?

Jason Priestley.

Instagram | @jason_priestly

Seems like just yesterday Jason Priestly was a teenage boy on Beverly Hills 90210. But here we are, coming up on his 50th birthday.

Apparently his face didn't get the memo though, cause he looks great!

Tyler Perry.

How on earth?

It really is not fair that some people are blessed with the Benjamin Button effect, and age backward, while the rest of us look like the Crypt Keeper's dad by the time we hit 50.

Matthew Perry.

YouTube | Mostly Bill Maher Clips

After spending several months in the hospital in 2018, it looks like Matthew Perry is starting to bounce back, looking younger than his age, against the odds.

It was a close call, but he made the list!