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16 Traumatic Meals That Made Us Want To Hit The Hard Stuff

Diply 27 Oct 2017

When I was a kid, I was a picky eater. You could describe your favorite food in loving detail, but if it looked weird to me, I wasn't eating it.

Most people understood, except one guy who told me that he'd make me eat my puke if I threw up. We didn't go back to his house...

Anyway, even he would probably eat his words if he saw these nightmarish culinary disasters.

1. Somebody flew too close to the sun with this Shrek pizza idea.

Reddit | Titleisthetitle

Even if it wasn't burnt, that sick green isn't doing it any favors. It's supposed to be a basil pesto, but it looks like it was left in the furnace for three years.

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2. I would like to call this the Saturday Morning Cartoon Special.

Reddit | ActualButt

Because it definitely looks like something a kid would make while their parents are sleeping in. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually tastes all right, but it loses points for presentation.

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3. Apparently, this disgusting atrocity is what happens when you ask for extra butter on your pizza.

Instagram | Instagram

Even before I saw the results, I wasn't sure why the hell anyone would do that. It just seems like a regrettable life choice all around.

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4. I know these things are difficult to identify, but they used to be some crispy chicken strips and fries.

Reddit | KingKrmit

Somehow, I doubt that trying to pass them off as "extra crispy" isn't really gonna work. You might just start eating charcoal.

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5. So far, I've just wanted to throw these meals out, but I kinda want to give this one a hug.

Reddit | Big-JT

Maybe it's the lighting, but it doesn't look disgusting and nightmarish so much as just looks sad.

Wait, is that blue cheese? Never mind, it can rot.

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6. Apparently, this is just black beans and egg, so it probably tastes fine.

Reddit | MachoManRandySalad

But I can't help thinking back to the kid version of myself who would push this away in a heartbeat for looking too much like vomit.

Yeah, kid me has a point.

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7. Sadly, sometimes you don't even have to see the meal to know it didn't work out.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

An overturned paper plate in the trash is pretty much the universal sign for "I don't want to hurt their feelings, but that was disgusting."

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8. I appreciate the attempt to add more pasta to our lives, but putting it in a sandwich is just doing it wrong.

Reddit | bigredj93

Also, I really hope that's Parmesan because if it's lard or something, that's turning an iffy idea into an automatic failure.

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9. Is it me or do beans just look...unsettling when you take them out of their natural habitat? 

Reddit | AlmightyOlympus

It's like someone watched their friend sop up some sauce with bread and said, "Why don't we just make that the entire meal?"

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10. Well, well, well. It looks like someone decided to be a fancy-pants and make a really ill-advised sandwich.

Reddit | joelman0

And that was what I thought before I found out they mixed peanut butter with French dressing and shredded chicken. That just seems like a bad idea.

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11. I'm guessing that the cap fell off the pepper shaker and now somebody's pretending they meant to do that.

Instagram | @memelif3

Unless the husband is a fire-breather in the circus, I really don't see this one working out too well for him.

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12. I'm not mad at those oddly long tater tots because I can't stop focusing on that overripe banana.

Reddit | Rainman764

I hope they're not gonna try to eat that and just thought bringing fruit flies to the table would add ambiance.

I wouldn't understand that either, but yikes!

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13. Gah! Anyone who wouldn't run screaming from this insane monstrosity is made of stronger stuff than me.

Reddit | Smoke_Trails

Do I even want to know what the "eyes" in this thing are supposed to be? What kind of monster mixes eyes and tentacles and says "eat this"?

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14. Look, I'm as excited about Halloween as the next spooktacular gentleman, but I wasn't prepared for this kind of horror.

Reddit | singinginthereign

Whoever decided to ruin a perfectly good pizza by melting the dreaded candy corn over it is making Frankenstein look perfectly reasonable.

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15. Apparently, these are supposed to be vegetarian hot dogs.

Reddit | roltrap

In that case, let me be the first to say that I'm glad our vegetarian friends can authentically enjoy the experience of being grossed out when you find out what's actually in hot dogs.

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16. Well, this person doesn't have to worry because the nutritional value is the least of my concerns here.

Reddit | Mynameistowel42

People put chocolate in sandwiches and this is just a slightly grosser version of that.

Instead, my problem is that they're not shooing that fly away! Like, eww.

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