Will Ferrell Revealed The One Scene In 'Elf' That Makes Him Cry

There are a lot of great holiday movies out there that we love to watch leading up to Christmas.

Without a doubt, Elf tops the list for me every year.

Even though it came out in 2003, it never gets old, and we're still learning a lot about the movie, even today!

Does anyone else quote "Elf" even when it's not Christmas?

I think I say "so good news, I saw a dog today," at least bi-weekly.

In my opinion, that's how you know when a movie is truly a cultural masterpiece — when it's super quotable.

The fact that we're still talking about this movie, even more than a decade later, says quite a lot.

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Recently, Will Ferrel and director Jon Favreau sat down with Rotten Tomatoes for a behind-the-scenes interview, and it was nostalgic as heck.

During the interview, Will revealed the one scene that makes him cry, and honestly, same.

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Remember the end of the movie, when Santa can't get his sleigh in the air because fewer and fewer people believe in him?

And then Zooey Deschanel starts singing in public even though she hates to sing in public?

Yep, that's the one scene in the whole movie that really got to Will.

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"When Buddy is in the back of the sleigh and everyone is singing in Central Park and there's enough Christmas spirit to get it lifted off, I'm like, 'Oh, I can't let everyone see me cry here at my own movie,'" he explained.

Totally fair, right? Who doesn't love seeing that Christmas spirit really come to life on the big screen.

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It seriously brings me back to a time when I did believe in Santa, and although I still love Christmas — there's something special about this scene and how magical it really is.

"This is working on a level that I didn't anticipate," Will added.

He explained that it was that moment where he knew that the movie had the potential to be "one of those special movies."

And he was right!

Jon chimed in and said how proud of the movie he was.

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"I can tell through social media that it's something that people have made a tradition of. I'll see pictures online of people saying 'hey, I'm introducing my son or my daughter to this movie for the first time' and they'll post a picture of Elf on television and there's a little three-year-old sitting there, looking up at the screen, and that really makes me happy," he explained.

Do you still watch this movie, even after all these years?


Have you introduced it to your children, or do you plan to?

Make sure you pay extra special attention to that Santa scene this year — and just picture Will Ferrel trying not to tear up in a crowded room. I know I will.