11+ Heartwarming Pics That Had Us Smiling The Rest Of The Day

Nothing gets you right in the feels quite like seeing kindness on display, amirite? It's a bit odd that we don't see more of it when kindness goes straight to your heart, don't you think? And it inspires you to be kind, too!

So, here's hoping that these pics don't just make you smile as much as they did for us. Here's hoping that they warm your heart and get you in the mood for spreading kindness as well!

Who else but your mom would ever turn your Master's degree into a blanket?

Twitter | @blahblahSPEAK

Hey, getting a Master's degree is a big accomplishment, and there's no reason not to be proud of it. Why not make a bedspread out of it?

"After my dog passed an insta follower sent me this portrait," wrote a Reddit user. "She painted it with her mouth and feet because she was born without the use of her arms."


And now it is raining behind my glasses.

If you encountered a strange button on the remote control while staying at an Airbnb, would you press it? And if you did, what would you expect?

Twitter | @TiernanDouieb

Surely not a projection of a national symbol. For something that could have ended so much worse, however, this was pretty amazing.

"My nan, 86, hasn't been on holiday since before my grandad died over 10 years ago and said she has always wanted to go on a cruise ship," wrote Reddit user SqaueEarthConspiracy.

Reddit | SqaueEarthConspiracy

"Me and my partner decided to see if we could sort something out, today we docked in Brugge and I've never seen her so happy."

When this girl's birthday cake was ready to be picked up, her family found it had already been paid for as part of an act of kindness from a stranger.

Twitter | @Shhwaggy_T

An accompanying card said it was a gesture done every year by a mother grieving for her own daughter. And there go my glasses, fogging up again.

This guy out for a run encountered a man who had gotten his truck stuck in the mud.

Reddit | thepeachadventures

So, although there was a language barrier between them, through a system of hand gestures they managed to figure out a way to get the truck free.

When this woman decided to buy a coffee for the lady behind her in line at Starbucks, she couldn't have known what a big deal it was for her.

Twitter | @mackey2399

But the lady gave her a great thank you card to explain why it meant so much.

This girl spent three years designing a board game specifically for her blind uncle to play.

Twitter | @playnyctophobia

Her game, Nyctophobia — the fear of darkness — requires players to wear blackout glasses so they can't see the board until it's all over.

When this woman has having an asthma attack without her inhaler on hand, a stranger let her use his inhaler.

Reddit | tadhgthegiraffe

He must have understood all too well the state she was in — and, with his help, she recovered just fine.

Idaho's Ada County Sheriff's Department took 100 disadvantaged kids back-to-school shopping at a local Walmart.

Twitter | @AdaCoSheriff

They guaranteed each kid new shoes, clothing, and a backpack full of school supplies.

This Pizza Hut closed off a booth for an afternoon in honor of a veteran who had eaten there every Wednesday for 40 years.

Reddit | Mr_Capn_Tex

Even the ROTC came in to pay their respects.

This guy is doing his part to avoid littering by stashing his cigarette butts around his side mirror instead of flicking them into the wind.

Reddit | haras8534

Probably time to put them all in the trash soon, too.

This woman's message to her younger self is uplifting for all the right reasons.

Twitter | @GraceBaldridge

Not only do you have to love her positivity, but it's great to see that she and her besties have managed to not drift apart.

"We got delayed almost 4 hours trying to fly into Seattle after the stolen plan incident tonight," wrote Reddit user yourmomak. 

Reddit | yourmomak

"An Oberto jerky rep was on the flight with a bunch of samples that she handed out [because] everyone was starting to get hungry... so nice!!"

At LA's Union Station, this guy dug into his suitcase to provide a man in need with some clothing.

Reddit | emslo

You know it's a serious act of kindness when someone will unpack a suitcase for it.

Dehydrated by a scorching summer, this hare gladly accepted a drink from the family whose garden he had been harassing.

Reddit | DigitalOSH

What are a few chewed flowers in the grand scheme of things?

When students at Newark's West Side High School were being bullied over dirty clothes, principal Akbar Cook had a full laundry room installed in the school.

Facebook | Cathy Johnson

Thanks to his efforts, the state's utility supplier donated funding to have five washers and dryers installed in a converted locker room for the kids to use.

Corrections officials allowed this inmate to visit with his mother, who is in hospice care.

Facebook | Sonoma Sheriff

The sheriff's deputies who transported the inmate called it "a beautiful, special moment. One we won't soon forget."

"I was going through a hard time lately, my friend 11,000 kilometers away decided to buy me a burger for dinner," wrote Reddit user McFluffigins. "It's the small things that count."

Reddit | McFluffigins

Now that's true friendship.

These firefighters are giving oxygen to a dog and a cat after rescuing them from a house fire.

Reddit | noodlepartipoodle

And thanks to these brave folks, these pets are on the mend after a brush with death.

After India's Kerala region was devastated by flooding, a Hindu temple opened its doors to local Muslims so they could offer their Eid prayers.

Reddit | Keerikkadan91

The temple also provided water so the Muslims could properly clean themselves before their prayers.

This scenic spot in Switzerland is made even more amazing with this little free "dog bar" with bottles of fresh water and a couple of bowls.

Reddit | ajallee

Love it when people think of the pooches!

At a New York Yankees game, this guy promised a kid sitting nearby that he'd give him a home run ball if he caught one. Seconds later, he had to make good on his promise.

Reddit | zaketyzak

And he doesn't even look mad about it!

At a competition in the Philippines, strongman Robert Oberst raided the refreshments tent for snacks to feed a couple of hungry kids.

Reddit | gryant

You know what they say — big man, big heart.