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16 Dads Who Deserve A Comedy Award

Diply 9 Nov 2017

Dads are different from the rest of us. We all know and have heard the awful jokes that only a dad could tell. These dads have figured out that you don't have to tell a joke to be funny.

1. That's one way to carry a kid

Reddit | BertoliB

It frees up your arms and gives Junior a sense of flying. That's a good way to tell if you have a decent plunger.

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2. The resemblance is uncanny

Reddit | Swapnil_Sood

This is the least expensive way to experience twins. The bigger one is cuter, but you shouldn't pick favorites. This would be a perfect Christmas card!

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3. Way to think outside the box 

Reddit | 2nie

As a parent, your hands get really full. I aspire to reach this dad's level of multitasking. How is that baby still sound asleep?

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4. He takes better selfies than me

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

What a picture-perfect response. I'm not sure how I feel about the neighbors, but it would be great to live abroad one day.

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5. He definitely tried his best

Imgur | jennahopkins

It's great that he helped out with the grocery shopping. Most dads do worse than this. I guess in some cases, size really does matter.

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6. Bathroom selfie on point

Crave | Crave

If you can't beat them, you try to join them. I'd say this dad the whole "I don't care about anything" look down pat. Solid attempt!

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7. Taking one for the team

Reddit | monkeyinpants

They say beauty is pain, and that must be true for this dad. Imagine trying to explain that in public. At least they both look cute together!

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8. Whatever works

Reddit | daedalus_78

Sometimes, you have to make your own breaks. You can rarely make both you and your child happy, but this is the closest I've seen to striking that balance.

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9. I think the answer is no

Reddit | Texas_Fire

Nothing would make me dislike an outfit more than seeing my dad wearing it. This dad was a brave soul, but things can only get worse from here.

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10. At least they got what they asked for

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

I'll admit that it would be funny to see the reaction on somebody's face after receiving this. However, why waste your time?

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11. This dad knows what's up

Acid Cow | Acid Cow

I was the exact same way when I was little. There was something so much more enthralling about a cardboard box. I can't remember what.

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12. A+ for effort

Fun Cage | Fun Cage

I wish my cats would play board games with me because no one else seems to. If nothing else, this does make an adorable photo op.

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13. It's the thought that counts

The Chive | The Chive

I would take this over water any day. Maybe I could put water in it to trick myself into drinking more. I want that bottle!

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14. Who needs a cart?

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

My dad used to do this to me all the time, but thankfully, I had a wheelchair he could hang things on. Use what you've got handy!

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15. They've got to start somewhere

Funny All The Time | Funny All The Time

This is probably happening about 15 years too early. At least they'll have funny pictures to show on their wedding day. And a perfectly executed photo!

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16. Pure genius

Reddit | [deleted]

This would probably be me as a parent. I love my video games, and I couldn't imagine giving them up. I wish this worked with my two cats.

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