A Mom Of Four Went After The Trolls Who Made Fun Of Her Post-Baby Body

Sadly, it seems that people just don't understand all the changes a woman's body goes through during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

What is supposed to be one of the most special periods of a mom's life can be ruined by thoughtless comments from people who think they can say what a mom's body should look like.

Thankfully, this mom was having none of that and shut the haters down.

Weirdly, people think it's okay to comment on how a woman's body looks.

I don't understand where this notion comes from, but it is especially wrong when it is about a pregnant or recently postpartum mom.

Part of it probably has to do with the rise of social media.


Everyone thinks that they can just comment on people's photos. They often forget about how those comments affect the person who posted that photo.

Not even celebs are immune to it.

Remember when Kate Middleton gave birth to Prince George and people had the audacity to comment on her body hours after she had a baby? Really, people.

Thankfully, social media has also allowed women to share their postpartum body with the world.

Hopefully, the more we see photos like this, we can educate people on how pregnancy changes a woman's body.

There is a huge body positivity movement happening right now for moms and I am here for it!

Unsplash | The Honest Company

It's really important for these women to share their stories and photos with others who might need the support.

Many moms are choosing to embrace their postpartum bodies.

They're sharing photos of their stretch marks and belly "pouches" to help normalize what women actually look like after giving birth.

Even though we are making a lot of positive steps in the right direction, internet trolls are still out there.

Some people just can't keep their mean comments to themselves I guess. This is where our story begins.

Doreen Ching is a young mother of quadruplets who lives in Malaysia.

Facebook | Doreen Ching

Yes, you read that right. Doreen has quadruplets! Already in my mind, she is Wonder Woman. I have one child and my hands are full.

She's shared a lot of details with her followErs about becoming a mom to four babies at once.

She's shared a ton of milestone photos and updates from her unique life as a mom to quadruplets.

By the way, her children are absolutely adorable.

Her children's names are Jensen, Jayden, Jasper, and Jazreel. So cute! They recently celebrated their third birthdays. Happy birthday, guys!

And, like a lot of other moms, Doreen has documented her postpartum body online.

She's said that she has tried to incorporate a small workout routine when she has short breaks from taking care of her kids.

In March 2018, Doreen shared some photos of her postpartum belly.

Facebook | Doreen Ching

Like many postpartum women, Doreen has stretch marks from her pregnancy. This might be a good time to remind you that she was carrying four babies, so stretch marks would be expected.

Yup, just looks like a completely normal mom bod to me.

Facebook | Doreen Ching

Initially, following the example of other moms who have shared their stretch marks with the world, Doreen was hoping to inspire some moms.

She said that many women ask her how to get rid of stretch marks.

She reminded them that stretch marks usually last forever and really nothing can make them go away.

She also went on to explain her own struggle in accepting her body.

"The first thing [I did when] I got out of the delivery room was to look at my stomach, and my tears came out," she wrote.

Doreen has honestly documented her fitness and health routines since becoming a mom.

She works out because she wants to be healthy, not to change her post-baby body.

Despite her bravery and honesty for sharing the photos, some of the comments were vicious.

Facebook | Doreen Ching

Some people called Doreen "ugly" and said her photos made them want to "vomit".

Thankfully, others recognized Doreen's amazing strength and came to her defence.

Facebook | Doreen Ching

Doreen has received a ton of support since posting her pictures.

Instagram | @klanes_monsta

Even though there were a few hateful comments, on the whole, many messages were positive and supportive of Doreen.

A lot of other moms shared their experiences about their postpartum bodies with Doreen.

Instagram | @aliciamallabone

This mom said that every stretchmark, "is a memory of how awesome you and your body is."

Doreen posted those photos over a year ago and they still receive comments from around the world to this day.

Instagram | @blackrose_dachshund

This Instagram user from Germany shared a message of support recently on one of Doreen's Instagram photos which showed her post-baby stretch marks.

Later, Doreen made another post calling out all those trolls who had attacked her.

Instagram | @doreen_dodo

"Do you have any respect for the women of the world, your mother, your wife, and a woman who can afford to have children?" she wrote.

You tell them, Doreen.

Thank you for speaking up for all moms around the world who face unfair criticism over how they look. You are a queen!