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20 Kids Getting Away With Murder

Diply 4 Oct 2017

There's nothing quite like the innocence of a child, is there? Except sometimes kids are the worst of them all! Seriously, who knew children could be so ruthless and unashamed? I mean, I guess I did, seeing as I was one. But I definitely don't remember being this naughty when I was little!

1. This kid, who tells it exactly like it is. 

Twitter | @tchrquotes

If I'm being completely real with you, I think everyone needs a person like this kid in their life. They'll keep you honest, that's for sure.

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2. This kid, who might be the most savage person alive. 

Twitter | @annaszpalik14

Dang, this is just cold, but also I'm so here for it!. I aspire to be to this level of savage.

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3. This kid, who's just trying to help a lady out. 

Twitter | @1bellefemme

I can't even imagine how much trouble she got in, but I really wish I had seen this happen in real life.

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4. This kid, who is legit stuck in a toilet.

Imgur | Imgur

Her face basically says it all. I imagine this is exactly how I would feel if I also got stuck in a toilet. Which thankfully has not happened yet.

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5. This kid, who's saving his lollipop for later. 

Instagram | @linzegirl

This is actually quite innovative and I wish I had thought of this first. I can just imagine how unhappy his mom was about the whole situation.

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6. This kid, who is the slickest dude in town. 

Twitter | @olivertwist69

DANG! You cannot make this up. There are levels to how cool this little dude is. I'm living for this picture.

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7. This kid, who needs to win no matter what it takes. 

Twitter | @WOWT6News

I wish I had been this daring when I was little because let's be real: I wanted that stuffed animal in the machine more than anything.

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8. This kid, who is me 24/7.

Reddit |  thegreatbarcia

Sometimes in the middle of dinner, you just want to turn yourself upside down. And sometimes you truly can't fight that urge, and you've got to just live your life.

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9. This kid, who is going to grow up and rule the world one day.

Instagram | @olesoul57

And I absolutely can't wait for that to happen. Some kids are just too smart for their own good.

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10. This kid, who needs to win an Oscar or something.

Reddit | Reddit

This is too amazing and I'm crying and laughing at this. I hope he got his phone back. He deserves it!

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11. This kid, who is sassy beyond belief. 

Twitter | @monsieursoupier

And probably has a career in comedy writing. I aspire to be this quick-witted. Also, any Uranus joke will never, ever get old.

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12. This kid, who is also me every single time I have to replace toilet paper.

Twitter | @ReasonsMySonCry

It kind of looks like a mummy hand or something. But what's the point of putting toilet paper back all neat?

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13. This kid, who has the right attitude about life. 

Twitter | @Six_Pack_Mom

This is what I wish I could do when everyone was annoying me. I'd just throw a bunch of Legos everywhere, end of story.

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14. This kid, who has the best passive-aggressive attitude in the world. 

Twitter | @VictorPopeJr

The idea of just opening bananas is so genius that I can hardly take it. How does a child's mind work like this?

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15. This kid, who totally plays the system. 

Twitter | @JNatchus

Hey, he isn't doing anything wrong so you really can't fault him for that, can you? Nope, I don't think so. I love him and wish my brain worked like this.

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16. This kid, who is using chalk the way it is meant to be used.

Reddit | jeridaraven

Sometimes you have to take to chalk to express how you really feel about people, and that's just the way it is.

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17. This kid who knows how to use that hose.

Imgur | Greien218

And it sure isn't pretty. That guy never stood a chance. I wonder if his parents are regretting letting him touch that hose.

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18. This kid, who refuses to get into trouble. 

Reddit | GPilla

Okay, there is something so freaking cute about a little kid wanting to visit his grandparents that badly, though! I know it's wrong to think it's cute but whatever.

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19. This kid, who is the baddest in the game. 

Twitter | @Breeeej__

And she totally knows it, too. Look at her attitude and sass! But she also works it and is clearly the level of cool we should all hope to be.

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20. This kid, who has very unusual snack tastes. 

Instagram | @orpinel_rn

And was totally caught in the act of sneaking some steak sauce as a late night treat. I can't blame a kid for their cravings!

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