9+ Lazy People Who Tried To Deck The Halls

emily.mcwilliams 10 Dec 2018

Here’s the thing I don’t get about Christmas: It’s supposed to be relaxing and about spending time with your family. Instead, we spend the month stressing out and being so busy, we need all of January to recover.

These people might have the answer: laziness. Instead of wasting precious time decorating, they did the smart thing and didn’t worry about it. Lazy geniuses are my favorite.

Oh, Mr. Grinch!

Reddit | genskeeper

If you can’t reach the higher parts or your home, or just don’t want to, the Grinch will always help you out. I’m totally stealing this idea.

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At least it’ll smell pine-fresh?

Is it the best Christmas tree? No. Is it the biggest? No. But, it does smell nice and at least you don’t have to water it.

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Kind of cute, kind of terrifying.

Reddit | Miner8012

If you don’t want anyone to steal your gifts, give your Christmas tree a face. It’s like a Christmas scarecrow and trust me, no one will want to go near this thing.

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I really hope this doesn’t offend anyone.

Technically, it is correct. It’s not the prettiest nativity scene in the world, but the main players are still represented. They even included an angel.

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When you have those neighbors.

Reddit | UndeadBread

We can’t all be like the Griswolds at Christmas. Christmas lights are expensive and putting them up is hard work. I like this idea instead.

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It’s still festive, right?

Some of us only have space for one plant in the home, so here's a space-saving alternative. At least they gave it a tree topper of sorts.

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Behold, the bachelor’s Christmas tree.

Reddit | zeroskyvii

No tinsel or lights here. Just protein powder and toilet paper. This is the ultimate bro tree. I'm still trying to figure out how they got the toaster on there.

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You know, you’re supposed to take them out of the box.

Some people just can’t deal with the whole putting up the Christmas lights tradition. I get it. It’s hard work. This is just as good.

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Where did they even find this tree?

Reddit | kailskails

Is this just a stick from the backyard? It looks like the real-life version of that tree from the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

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The Grinch strikes again.

Lazy people just know that minimal effort can have big results. Case in point, this Grinch-inspired light design. Even all the Whos in Whoville would love it!

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When you just give up.

Imgur | pbjdude

If anyone asks, you can say that tangle of lights is supposed to represent a bough of holly? Or maybe it’s an abstract interpretation of Christmas spirit?

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What’s with people putting faces on their unfinished trees?

Imgur | biologynerd

Is this becoming a new trend? If so, I am not on board with it. I don’t want to think about my tree’s face as I put it out on the curb after Christmas.

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Eh, I’ll take it.

What more do you want? It’s festive, it’s decorated. Not the best looking tree I’ve ever seen but it will do. Okay, maybe they could have added just one ornament.

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When the laziness passes from one holiday to the next.

Reddit | DLDude

There comes that moment in mid-November when you realize the Halloween decorations are still up and you need to put up the Christmas ones.

With a little improvisation, you can kill two birds with one stone.

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Okay, really guys?

Reddit | RyanSmithN

Why even buy a tree if you didn’t want to take it out of the box? This one wins all the awards for lazy design.

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Is it sad that I have one of these?

Facebook | 9GAG

The pile of laundry in my house is ever-growing. At this point, I'm ready to just accept that there will always be a pile of clothes on my bedroom floor. This just gave me a great idea.

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