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10 Hilarious Clothing Reviews That'll Make You LOL IRL

Diply 3 Nov 2017

If you're ever in need of a laugh, Amazon is a good place to start.

This may come as a surprise, but let us assure you that there are people who've dedicated a part of their life to writing hilarious product reviews on the website.

Do they have a real job? Who knows? We're just grateful for their hilarious commentary.

1. This PhD costume is spot on.

Amazon | Rubie's Costume Co.

A lot of women's Halloween costumes are sexified and downright unrealistic.

This one, however, truly captures the essence of a woman who can both spell and define the word "adjudicate."

And the reviews are even better.

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"One Star"

Amazon | Marga Gomez

This is false advertising if we ever seen it.

We only hope that PhD Darling has her degree in law, because a civil suit may arise for deceptive marketing.

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"Thought I could graduate with this"

Amazon | Nikki

After watching Legally Blonde, it's fair to assume that this could be an actual graduation outfit.

It's pretty reckless not to include such a warning.

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2. This isn't your average wolf shirt.

Amazon | The Mountain

Actually, this shirt has received a ton of amusing reviews on Amazon.

Lowkey comedians appear to be drawn to it like a wolf to a full moon.

We picked out two of our favorite comments.

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"Career Development Fertilizer"

Amazon | MelDownLow

Skip the dress shirt, fellas, because a three-wolf moon shirt is all you'll need to land that new job.

Your interviewer's job, that is.

Straight to the top!

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"Great compliment for my skin art"

Amazon | overlook1977

What better way to show off your wicked chest tat in November than to buy a shirt with the exact same image?

People will know how awesome you are year round.

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3. This internet-famous dress has hilarious reviews, too.

Amazon | Roman Originals

We're team #BlueAndBlack, and if you see anything different, you should probably adjust your monitor.

Even the description says "Royal-Blue," so tell that to your eyeballs.

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"Perfect Outfit for a Life of Crime"

Business Insider | Business Insider

If you're planning to hold up a bank (you know it's not 1920, right?), skip the ski mask and get yourself a #BlueAndBlack dress.

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"Five Stars"

Business Insider | Business Insider

No machine is perfect, and that includes the ones which dictate our reality as we know it. Sometimes, a glitch appears in the system.

Where's Keanu Reeves when you need him?

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4. Reviewers had the funniest comments for the kitten tee.

Amazon | The Mountain

Frankly, they could have squeezed at least four more kittens onto this shirt.

When you buy a kitten tee, you want as many possible kittens per square inch.

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"Good for the old and old at heart"

Amazon | Joe James

Bonus: this shirt also includes six butterflies and one ladybug.

That's 17 creatures in total — a pretty sweet deal by anyone's standards.

Plus, it's a real icebreaker at the old folks' home.

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"10 Kittens Rock!"

Amazon | Charles S. Fannin

True, this shirt will draw a distinct line between cat lovers and dog lovers.

Which is, honestly, the only division in the human race worth fighting over.

It's important to identify your enemies.

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5. How could anyone leave a negative review on this unicorn castle tee?  

Amazon | The Mountain

This is actually a Unicorn Castle Rainbow Waterfall T-Shirt.

There's a lot going on here, all of which screams "BE HAPPY" right in your face.

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"Awesome until my nipple migrated"

Amazon | Mary Hannah

To be fair, if you liked unicorns enough to buy a shirt that featured one, why would you then complain when you took on some of their characteristics?

Seems like a win-win.

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6. This knitted bralette would have been so cute for the summer.

Amazon | Voglee

This looks like a great festival top, so it's little wonder why someone ordered it from Amazon.

But, as we know, ordering the right size is a real gamble.

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"Well, it fits the cat"

Amazon | sb043

The lesson? If something doesn't fit, hand it down to your cat.

Unless it's woven — cats hate knits.

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