10+ Times We Embraced Being Garbage People

Brett Caron 20 Nov 2018

Are there any good people left out there?

No? OK cool, I always feel a little less guilty about being trash when I know I'm not the only one.

Well, as long as we're all bad, why don't we take a second to appreciate some of the folks out there who make zero apologies for being their true selves.

1. Well...not quite what I meant about garbage people.

Reddit | Braycali

I mean, I'm not saying that it's a fantastic idea to festoon your apartment with Pringles cans. It doesn't make you a bad person, just a bad interior decorator.

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2. Nah, here we go. I meant something like this.

Reddit | xTheAddy

I could've never pulled a prank like this on my mom.

First, because she is a crack shot with a thrown slipper, and also because the room under the stairs where I slept was always locked from the outside.

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3. Listen, if you feel like your best self wearing something, then just wear it.

Reddit | MikeAlustrium

No matter what anybody says, you can point somewhere on this dress to tell them how their comments made you feel.

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Ugh, I just love it when we can stop being ashamed of being terrible.


It's true freedom.

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4. Sometimes it takes teamwork to really live your best life.

Or your sketchiest life, anyway. Hope she doesn't have Twitter.

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5. Speaking of not having social media, can this person just shut down their accounts?


Or at least, can we explain how banks work so I don't slip in something next time I deposit a cheque?

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6. Taking this a bit literally, but hey -- you do you.

Instagram | @plum.memess

This is why I hide my true self behind layers of sarcasm and memes. And also why I don't wear white socks, but that doesn't really have much to do with the pic.

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Honestly, at this point dressing up as trash might be a legit look.


I can't wait until I can go to my first trashion show. That's the future I wanna live in.

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7. Like, the OG who posted this? They do not have a confidence issue. Own it, right?


Although if it ever rips open, everybody is gonna know who all those empty ice cream containers and tissue boxes belong to.

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8. I could never do Agent Mulder dirty like that. Probably. Maybe.

OK, fine. If there was some emergency...or, if I was hungry, or I just wanted the cab.

I told you already, I'm not better.

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9. So many tragedies, all in the name of fashion.

Reddit | Metalunicorn1

I support your right to make tiny fractal hands on the tips of your fingers. Just know I will never touch your hand except in my nightmares.

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Ugh. I take it back. Don't let that person be that person, not with the hand thing. The hand thing is cancelled.


I can't...handle...it.

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10. I don't have kids, but I can understand the problem here.

Reddit | dannydutch1

When torn between keeping an eye on a child and keeping an eye on my onion rings...well, I'm not so good at multitasking.

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11. I think we all know that just because you're trash doesn't mean you have to stay single.

But it probably explains why you'll be single after pulling this maneuver.

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So if we've learned anything today, it's this:


It doesn't matter if you're a trash person or not...never fall asleep around anybody with a camera.

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