Twitter Has Thoughts About Vanessa Hudgens Christmas Movie

brianne.cail 20 Nov 2018

Unless you've been too busy rewatching The Office, you've probably noticed that Christmas movies have finally touched down. And while where I am doesn't even have snow yet, nothing puts me more into the holiday mood than a cheesy Christmas flick.

And Vanessa Hudgens in The Princess Switch is exactly what I'm talking about.

The best part, and truly the only way you'll enjoy these movies, is if you accept that they are nonsense.

Twitter | @mostlyyalit

Magical, beautiful festive nonsense.

And Vanessa totally knows what's up and that makes her as, well, two characters THAT much better.

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And while I thought I would be somewhat alone in my undying love for Vanessa's latest movie, I was so wrong.

Twitter | @netflix

In the best way possible.

Honestly the only reason I didn't live Tweet the whole thing was because I was so wrapped up in my love of the movie.

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But the first thing I did notice, and I'm not the only one, is that Vanessa has NOT aged.

Twitter | @fayebrooks_

Like it looks like she walked straight off the set of High School Musical and into the winter wonderland that is the (fictional) world of Belgravia.

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I'm going to need to get my hands on her skincare routine ASAP.


And she doesn't even LOOK like she's done any fancy surgery or anything, she's just a radiant queen as always.

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Tbh if that's the case, I wish more of my OG Disney stars got bored because maybe we'd be blessed even more.

Twitter | @jLasalSa77

But to be clear, I find exactly nothing boring about a 'switcheroo' movie. Not that it's a genre or anything BUT IF IT WAS it might be my fave.

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My question is, could she get two Oscars because she had two roles?

Twitter | @Ben_Ruiz

That acceptance speech would be nothing short of hilarious.

And maybe the acting isn't the best but can't Oscars be for roles that just warm our hearts? Maybe?

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Granted the whole two Vanessas didn't go off without a few glitches.

Twitter | @TheRachaelE

Now, I call myself a fan but even I didn't spot any of the mess ups. But to be fair I was too busy dreaming of finding my own prince.

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Praise just spilled all over Twitter and (for once) negativity was hard to find on this one.

Twitter | @teamacherie

Which doesn't surprise me because we know that Vanessa is all the talent that we ever need in our movies. Or musicals.

Okay, anything.

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And this is how I reacted when I found out she would be the one pulling off the switch.


I didn't realize how badly I needed her to star in this movie, but it was pretty badly.

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I'm not afraid to admit that I had to double-check if Belgravia was a real place.

Twitter | @Netflix_CA

And turns out, it kind of is.

Like it's maybe not the snowy country that I am now in love with, but it is an area in London.

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And even though the movie already gave me 'Princess Diaries' vibes, this totally just added to it.


Because I KNOW we all thought Genovia was a real place that was full of pears. It's a small province in France, just not the country we thought it was.

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Anyway, back to the princess in question.

Twitter | @brookemiccio

Let's not forget that she did quite a few musical numbers on stage in-between but yeah, I'm also here for it.

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Honestly me watching anything friends and critics adore VS the cheesy Christmas movies I know I'll love.

Twitter | @sahrawrites

It's impossible to fall asleep when our girl is lighting up the screen, royally and casually.

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I def got some MAJOR déjà vu during this scene, and also all the feels.

Twitter | @deirdreneider

And has cemented my thought that at SOME point in my life, I need a guy to put a necklace on me.

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Twitter | @bridgey_deez

Honestly the only thing that would have improved The Princess Switch for me would have been a few random song outbursts.

I mean, we got a cute piano moment but that's it.

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I guess it's true what Troy said:


And even though it has been years (like 10?) I still see Vanessa as Gabriella.

(And yes, Zac Efron will always be Troy Bolton).

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The movie also reminded us of another fave from when we were younger.

Twitter | @britmcgourlay

I argue it's almost better because no one has to pierce their ear in a cabin which 100% scarred me as a child.

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Even the poster has MAD 'Parent Trap' vibes to it.

Flickr | filmbilgi

I think it has to do with that little smirk that Vanessa pulls off, it's very Lindsay Lohan of her.

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And even though we didn't have Meredith Blake to hare on, we still get a little bit of a villain.


Which naturally I won't reveal because I'm not about spoilers in my stories and I need you all to just watch the darn movie instead.

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Okay so I know this article is basically a love letter to Vanessa herself via Twitter but we can't NOT talk about the two leading men.

Twitter | @bellaoz_


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Won't even try to tell you which one was my fave because it's an impossible task.

Giphy | So You Think You Can Dance

They are both dreamy and perfect in their own way, you can't make me choose.

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Luckily, Vanessa didn't have to.

Twitter | @yaritzaistired

Living the dream or what?! So I guess this makes the list for like the NUMBER ONE reason I should have pursued my dream of being an actor.

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Because, and yes I'm going to bring up HSM again...hello.


Vanessa can do no wrong and really how can she when her co-stars are out here looking like the gods that they are?

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Okay except maybe a British accent.

Twitter | @spideymjj

NO SHADE, but her accent was a little cringe-worthy at times.

And that's coming from a girl who has ZERO accent talent. At all.

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