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Christmas Fairy Lights for Your Beard Are Now a Thing

Fairy lights are everywhere these days. You can put them in your plants, on your pets, and on your fridge. Now, you can put them in your beard too -- the one place you always wanted to put them, amirite?

Light 'em up

No one says you actually have to put them IN your beard, but that's the intent, according to its maker.

You don't say

Firebox keeps the description of the beard-lights fairly simple: "Basically, it’s fairy lights for your beard."

Sparkly "face fuzz"

The beard-light creators make it so you just can't say no. "Not got room for a Christmas tree in your dismally small rental flat? Join the club! Don’t bother with one of those dinky desk sized ones, just get these and make yourself the tree this year. Just like normal fairy lights, but miniature so they nestle comfortably in your face fuzz."

Beard-tested and staff-approved

Firebox says it tested the lights on its own staff members, who apparently agreed they were da bomb. "Trust us, you can’t even tell they’re there when they’re in, so unobtrusive." Right. So unobtrusive.

Instead of beard wax, how about electricity for your face?

"Forgo the waxy styling products and replace them with this set of 18 multi-coloured nano LED lights – but don’t worry, you don’t have to hang them individually. Each of the heat-less lights are suspended on a 90 cm cable that clips onto your beard painlessly."

It's probably wise to not wear them when small kids are present - the lights may signal them to tug on the wires, which could mean blinding pain. But no matter - it's the holidays!

Practice safe beard decorating

And if your beard is wet (maybe you just jumped out of the shower or visited Niagara Falls or something) then you might want to skip the lights until said beard is dry.

Get your beard lights on back order

These beard decorations are almost too popular -- one Twitter user noted that the lights might be difficult to find.

As if your beard needed even more pimpin'


It does sound strange, but people are really lit up about the idea -- so much so that it's apparently sold out.

Thankfully, Beardaments has similar products available on Amazon, so you can deck out your beard to your heart's content this holiday season.