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7+ 'Harry Potter' DIYs Even A Muggle Could Make

Emily McWilliams 15 Nov 2018

It's been nearly 20 years that Harry Potter has been a part of my life, and I think it's safe to say that it's not just a phase, as my dad once predicted.

If anything, I think my love for the series has grown stronger. Recently, I discovered that there are a ton of Harry Potter-inspired DIYs out there. If only I had a time turner to go back and make up for lost time.

If you're ready to make something magical, check out these brilliant projects!

Floating Candles

YouTube | RoxyRocksTV

One of the most iconic scenes in the whole series is when Harry first enters the Great Hall and sees all the candles floating from the ceiling. I remember watching that scene in complete awe as a kid.

To add some magic to your home, you can make your own floating candles with this tutorial from RoxyRocksTV.

Pick up a few LED candles from the dollar store (no need to worry about burning down your house with these!), and then grab your glue gun!

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If you like, you can paint the "flame" yellow for a fiery glow.

YouTube | RoxyRocksTV

Then, attach some invisible string to the candle with your hot glue gun. Continue drizzling hot glue around the top of the candle for a melted wax effect.

When the glue is dry, hang up your candles from the ceiling. For such a simple project, the effect is really amazing.

Use different lengths of string so that it will look as if the candles are magically bobbing up and down — just like in the movies!

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Vial of Felix Felicis

YouTube | Michelle'sCuties

Of all the potions and spells in Harry Potter, Felix Felicis was the BEST. Imagine if you could brew a potion that would give you good luck all day.

I think I would drink some and then go buy a lottery ticket, just sayin'.

I can't guarantee that this DIY Felix Felicis will drastically change the outcome in your favor, but everyone needs a little good luck charm, right?

Pick up a small bottle charm from the craft store and get ready to brew a little liquid luck.

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Add some white glue and a bit of yellow dye or paint to the bottle.

YouTube | Michelle'sCuties

Next, place a small amount of cotton in the bottle. This will make the potion look a little more opaque and help some of the other ingredients float in the bottle.

Add some gold glitter glue and gold flakes, giving them a stir to disperse them. Finally, top off the bottle with more of the dyed glue.

Once you seal your bottle with the cork, your Felix Felicis is finished! Thanks to Michelle'sCuties for this lucky DIY.

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Larger than life time-turner

YouTube | Lauren Fairweather

Fun fact: Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book AND movie of the series, so you know I absolutely love this idea.

In the Harry Potter universe, a time-turner is actually a small instrument that one could wear as a necklace.

I mean, Harry and Ron never saw Hermione with hers because she was able to hide it so well.

However, for this DIY from Lauren Fairweather, we are making a giant version to use as home decor. So cool!

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The main structure of this time-turner is three embroidery hoops of various sizes.

Lauren Fairweather

Attach the embroidery hoops together with some twine.

Instead of an hourglass for the center, Lauren used two decorative balls from the floral section of Michael's.

I actually think they work really well and still have that magical quality. You'll attach the balls using twine as well.

Once your time-turner is assembled, give it a few coats of gold spray paint.

Now you're ready to hang it up! I think this would look really cool hanging in the garden, maybe next to your mandrake sprouts?

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Platform 9 and 3/4 sign

Our Kerrazy Adventure

Our Kerrazy Adventure created this sign so even muggles will know where to catch the Hogwarts Express.

While this sign looks a little complicated at first, the good news is that it is made with the help of stencils. Stencils are like a DIYer's patronus.

You'll need a piece of wood for your sign that measures about 24 inches by 9 inches.

Begin by spray painting it gold. When it's dry, tape off a border and paint the sign burgundy.

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Bring on the stencils!

Our Kerrazy Adventure

You'll use a stencil for all the lettering, plus the circle icon. Once you've painted your stencils, let your sign dry and hang it up.

You can find these brackets at stores like Home Depot. They're usually for garden planters but they manage to give off that King's Cross vibe.

You might also want to make a second sign that warns people not to run into the wall after you've hung it up.

You never know, this sign looks pretty realistic.

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Golden snitch necklace

Instructables | emilyvanleemput

This DIY comes to us from emilyvanleemput at Instructables.

If you've always wanted to catch a golden snitch but aren't much of a seeker, then this necklace project is perfect.

To make this DIY, you'll need a gold bead, two different gauges of jewelry wire, and some jewelry pliers.

This DIY looks complicated, but the pattern to bend the wire is actually quite simple and most of it can be done with your fingers. You'll then use the pliers to help shape the wings.

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Ready to catch a snitch?

Instructables | emilyvanleemput

Using the thicker jewelry wire and some round-nose pliers, you'll bend the wire around the bead to create the outline of the wings.

Then, use the thinner jewelry wire and wrap it around to fill in the wings.

When your pendant is done, attach it to a chain with some jump rings.

Ta-da! Your golden snitch is finished and best of all, you won't have to worry about it getting away from you anytime soon.

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DIY Quill

YouTube | Muggle Magic

Have you ever been sitting in class or a meeting, taking notes with a boring old pen, wishing it was a quill instead? No? Just me?

Well, if you have had the urge to write all your notes with a feather quill just like a Hogwarts student, here's your chance.

Muggle Magic came up with a great Harry Potter quill tutorial.

I was actually surprised at how easy this project is and you can find most of the materials at your local craft or dollar store.

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First on the supply list, a feather or two.

YouTube | Muggle Magic

I guess that one is pretty obvious. You'll also need some metal beads, a wooden skewer, some pen nibs, and a hot glue gun.

Find a pen nib that will fit your wooden skewer. Add three or four metal beads to the skewer and secure them with hot glue.

Break off any excess wood that's left on the skewer. Now, cut the tip off your feather and attach pen nib-skewer with hot glue.

Best of all, this quill actually works. Write your letters and send them by owl post!

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Winged keys ornament

YouTube | TheCraftMaiden

There seems to be something especially magical about watching Harry Potter at Christmas. I think it's time for me to petition for Harry Potter be added to the classic Christmas movie canon.

If you want to add a little magic to your tree this year, try making these winged key ornaments from TheCraftMaiden.

You can use some decorative keys from the craft store, or check out your local thrift store to see if they have any vintage ones laying around for an authentic look.

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Form the wings out of a bit of jewelry wire.

YouTube | TheCraftMaiden

Glue the outside of the wire and attach some pieces of iridescent cellophane or wrapping paper.

Cut off any excess cellophane so it matches the shape and size of your wings.

Use a strong glue to attach the wings to your key. Finally, add a small loop of clear thread to hang your key up and give it the illusion of floating.

I know these are technically a Christmas ornament, but you could also make them for a Harry Potter-themed party.

Or, you know, just as a part of your regular decor.

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Wire glasses ring

Instructables | momoluv

Sometimes, even if you want to proclaim your Harry Potter fandom to the world, you aren't always able to because of things like dress codes or societal norms.

Sigh. One day the rest of the world will get it.

This ring from momoluv is the perfect way to subtly show off your love for all things HP. It's actually easy to make, too.

You'll need some gold jewelry wire, jewelry pliers, and scissors to create this stylish accessory.

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Cut a small piece of wire to start.

Instructables | momoluv

This whole ring is made from a single piece of wire. You'll begin by forming two circles for the glasses.

Then, wrap the wire around your finger to check the size.

To finish it, you'll create three bends at the end of the wire for Harry's scar. Brilliant!

If you have a like-minded friend in your life who shares your obsession for Harry Potter, go ahead and make one of these rings for them, too.

It's a slightly better gift than a Weasely jumper.

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DIY House Points Counter

YouTube | Cherry Wallis

Cherry Wallis came up with this awesome project, which might just bring out your competitive side. Obviously, everyone wants to win the House Cup.

Also, this DIY gives you an excuse to say, "10 points to Gryffindor!" all the time.

These glass tubes are actually from Ikea and come in a four-pack for less than $15. It's like they were destined for a Harry Potter DIY.

In the books, the points are represented by literal gemstones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds.

Of course, we need a more affordable option, so we'll use some shiny seed beads.

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Add your beads to the tubes.

YouTube | Cherry Wallis

You can paint the wooden stopper gold for a little extra magical touch. Next, print out the house crests and glue them to the front of each tube.

You can also use colored sand instead of beads for more of an hourglass vibe, but it could get a little messy.

Get ready to display your house points counters and be the envy of all your friends.

My one issue with this project is that Hufflepuff should have way more points. Even Slytherin has more than them. How is that fair?

One day Hufflepuff will get the respect it deserves.

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Motivational poster


I love this motivational banner from Landeelu. I think we could all use a little extra boost now and then, and this banner is perfect to hang above your desk.

This is another DIY that uses a stencil! You know how much I love stencils. You can make your own out of vinyl and a Cricut, or find similar ones on Etsy.

You'll also need some canvas, wooden dowels, fabric paint, and a magic wand, I mean, a paintbrush.

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This DIY is so simple, people will think you used a spell.


Once you secure your stencil to the canvas, all you have to do is paint over your design.

Fold over the top and bottom to make a loop for your wooden dowels.

You can secure the fabric by sewing it or using a hot glue gun. Hang it up with some twine and you're done!

If you've made your own stencil, you can customize this design to feature your favorite characters.

You can also make ones that are specific to groups of characters like members of the Order of the Phoenix.

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House banner

YouTube | FromVAtoCA

These DIY Hogwarts house banners from FromVAtoCA are easy to make in any house color.

That's good news for me because I firmly belong in Hufflepuff, so you know I'm going to pick up some black and gold felt for this project.

Besides felt in the two house colors of your choice, you will need a needle and thread, pins, scissors, twine, and font templates for the letters.

You'll also need a template for the flag shapes, which is essentially an elongated pentagon.

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Cut out your flag shapes from one of the felt colors.

YouTube | FromVAtoCA

Next, you'll trace and cut out your letters from the other house color. Pin a letter to a flag and stitch it in place.

To attach the flags to the twine, fold over the top of the flag and sew it to make a little loop you can thread the twin through. You could also use a hot glue gun for this step instead of sewing it.

Thread all your flags onto the twine and hang it up. Go ahead and transform any room into the Great Hall.

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Monster notebook

Instructables | AlpineButterfly

Remember when Hagrid added a book to the school supply list that could have seriously harmed someone? Oh, Hagrid. His heart was in the right place.

Now, you can make your own monster book, but thankfully this one won't try to bite your fingers off. They're even, dare I say, kind of adorable.

The body of your monster will be made from two pieces of book board, fun fur, and felt. Cut your book board to size and glue on some fun fur. Your monster is already coming to life.

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Add eyes, teeth, and a tongue. It's alive!

Instructables | AlpineButterfly

Construct a "spine" for your monster so it can open from ribbon by gluing a few pieces to your monster's body. Finally, glue a stack of sticky notes inside, and watch out for those teeth when you try to write a note.

AlpineButterfly from Instructables designed these little monsters.

I think I'm going to go ahead and make some up for my desk ASAP. I've never really gotten excited over stationery — I'm no Hermione — but these are awesome.

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