21+ Celeb Photobombs You Wish You Were There For

I'll be the first to admit that photobombing has already had its time in the sun. The trend peaked around 2013, when everybody and their "funny" uncle thought that jumping into the background of a picture was the height of comedy. But there's still something to be said for it when celebrities get in on the action.

Like when Dave Chappelle recently popped up in an Ohio couple's engagement photos.

Facebook | Jaycee Marie Photography

Jaycee Marie Photography shared the post on their Facebook page, showing off what must be one of the most memorable engagements of all time.

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We're also a huge fan of celebs photobombing each other, like when Kiernan Shipka got in on the action when photogs were trying to get pics of Ross Lynch at the "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" premiere.

Getty Images | Albert L. Ortega
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Sometimes it's not exactly clear when a celeb (like Michael Cera) for instance, is actually photobombing, or if people are just pretending to take a selfie as an excuse to snap a pic.

Reddit | Tresis55

It certainly seems like this woman saw Cera coming, but we'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

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In celebrity-packed environments, sometimes you can end up with unexpected wins in the background.

Reddit | frizzle_fraz

When the UFC cameras turned to Arnold Schwarzenegger at UFC 187, they got more than they bargained for with Rob McElhenny's shenanigans in the background.

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Any group costume can be improved with the addition of a little Keanu Reeves.

Reddit | Sno0pyBo0

There's already a lot going on with these Ninja Turtles, like the fact that there are six of them. And that Michaelangelo seems to be wearing yellow instead of orange.

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Posing for a picture at Microsoft, you probably don't expect to get a candid shot of Bill Gates, and yet here we are.

Reddit | ew00d

Is it just me, or does nobody look happy about being in this picture? Even the placard looks like it's got somewhere else to be.

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Capturing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson mid-stride is an opportunity you don't want to miss, especially when he's willing to play along.

Reddit | Boshasaurus

Personally, I'd be way too terrified to take a pic of The Rock without his permission, but props to this guy.

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Sometimes grabbing a random celebrity photo can get you a two-for-one deal.

Reddit | fragmented08

Just imagine walking through a mall, grabbing a pic with Ty Burrell, just to have Bryan Cranston stroll through.

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A truly considerate celebrity photobomb leaves you with the option to crop them out anyway because you ended up looking so good.

Reddit | Fleebix

But hey, this way you get Neil deGrasse Tyson creeping up on you, like some kind of smarty-pants fairy godfather.

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When the Avengers assemble, Chris Evans does not appreciate being left out.

Reddit | tchallarox

Thankfully, he knows how to inject himself into any situation.

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When you take your kid to a political rally, you don't really expect her to get photobombed.

Reddit | Fieldblazer

It's not totally clear why this parent was snapping a pic of their kid being sad about their dead Kindle, but it turned out alright!

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It's pretty hard to upstage Sarah Paulson, but Jesse Tyler Ferguson was sure willing to give it his best shot.

Getty Images | C Flanigan

The pic certainly ended up as one of the most memorable from Vanity Fair's Oscar Party.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson can dish it out, but can he take it?

Getty Images | Bruce Glikas

Actress and comedian Lea Delaria needed to make sure that Ferguson didn't take himself too seriously after getting a caricature at Sardi's.

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Can't we just leave Sarah Paulson alone?

Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer

Amanda Peet and Robin Tunney sure didn't think so at the Critics' Choice Awards.

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What's that old expression? Behind every great woman, there's a great man being weird over her shoulder?

Getty Images | Steve Granitz

I could make a joke about Justin Timberlake trying to make sure that Jessica Biel never upstages him, but that seems mean.

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Introducing Bill Nye, the Photobomb Guy.

Getty Images | Albert L. Ortega

At the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premiere, Bill Nye wasn't about to let Alan Tudyk and Charissa Barton get all the attention.

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Tudyk was more than willing to return the favor when it was Nye's turn on the red carpet.

Getty Images | Albert L. Ortega

Based on that pose and the last pic, it really seems like Bill just doesn't know (or care) how to behave at these things.

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Adam Driver was clearly taking the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" premiere very seriously.

Getty Images | Ethan Miller

Oscar Isaac, not so much.

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James Marsden saw Jack Black coming, but it definitely seems that Kathryn Hahn had no idea he was there.

Getty Images | Michael Tullberg

I'm sure this made the D Train premiere much more memorable for the hilarious actress.

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It seems like a very Pete Davidson move to just stroll through a shoot like no one else matters.

Getty Images | Noam Galai

Colin Jost doesn't seem mad about it, but seriously, it doesn't even seem like the two SNL stars are dressed for the same event.

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We're not about to complain about getting a little extra Rami Malek every now and then.

Getty Images | Mike Windle

I'm not exactly sure how Portia Doubleday feels about the situation, but I doubt she minds much either.

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It takes something special to get eyes off of Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey, but somehow Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui pulled it off.

Getty Images | Christopher Polk

The photog definitely knew what was up and framed the photo to respect it.

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Bella Thorne and Mae Whitman seemed to have different opinions about Ken Jeong strolling through their moment on the red carpet.

Getty Images | David Livingston

I guess the important thing is that Ken's having a good time.

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And hey, what about that time Jimmy Fallon dedicated a whole segment to photobombing Seahawks fans?

Getty Images | NBC

They still ended up getting pics with their favorite players, but getting some bonus Chris Pratt and Chris Evans sure doesn't suck either.

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