11+ Feels That Got Way Too Real

Some days are tougher than others. Sometimes I get up and am totally over the day before I even get on the subway. And heck, my life's pretty easy, all things considered.

Ever have a day where one little thing seems like it'll just send the rest of whatever you had planned tumbling down like a Jenga tower?

1. Like a yogurt container that says "nope, your breakfast will NOT be easy today."

Reddit | mikelkobres13

I can't tell you how many times I've had the ol' Wolverine yogurt-rip and just decided to go back to bed.

2. Or coming home to this tiny "Harry Potter" under-the-stairs apartment.


Also, if the rent is lower than what I pay right now, I might actually move in because it looks bigger than my place.

At least I don't have to live with some nasty relatives who shame my magic style.

But that would require me to have any style at all, I guess.

3. Can you imagine finishing a marathon and getting a high-five right to your dome?


Not only that, but this is your finishing picture. Take that one home and frame it, champ.

4. This is what happens when you lose your wallet and then mow your lawn before finding it.

Reddit | 00Blanks00

So I guess the rest of your day is basically putting your life back together?

One silver lining would be that you could make it rain for once...

I mean, make it rain tiny shreds of cash. Which is cheaper, but probably doesn't feel as awesome.

5. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the office.

Reddit | viciousbreed

I don't really have any reason to use push pins at my job, but if I did, I will never trust a glass jar again.

6. This just seems like setting your kid up for failure.

Imgur | Baconfoodsmuggler

Superheroes, firefighters, astronauts...or regional paper company chili klutzes? We can do better for our kids.

Maybe that was a bit harsh for a baby costume idea, but this is still a sensitive issue for me.

We are all Kevin in that moment. RIP, famous chili.

7. OK, this does suck. But there are some interesting replacement symbols on those keys.

Reddit | iwishiwasonlykidding

I wonder if the editors would let me reformat my keyboard like this.* It could be cool, right?

Editor: No. No, it wouldn't.

8. Does this count as chicken and waffles? No? Not even waffle cones?


I have to say, I prefer my chicken...uh, more well-done than this. Better luck next time.

9. That's just tragic. The full-size box was a LIE!

Reddit | DerealVO1D

You know that it felt light when they picked it up, too. "Am I getting stronger?" Noooope.

Seriously, losing out on pizza might be on my list of worst fears.

I guess every day that I don't eat pizza I confront my worst fears. I'll let you know if I ever go a day without pizza.

10. I'm confused...is this what they're talking about when they say how to make omelettes?


You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs...or in this case, losing your job at the egg-packing plant.

11. Uh...I'd love to feel sorry for you, dude, but you DID close it this way, right?


Sometimes you gotta look out for your future self so that problems like this don't come back around to haunt you.

12. Oof. That was rough. But remember, just because something's awful doesn't mean that it can't be funny.

Reddit | Mtaggart21

Sure, this is a hefty cleaning bill and a new door, but...uh...aww, look at his little face!

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