12+ People Who Are Going All-Out At Life

I always admire people who put their all into whatever they're doing. Sometimes, I can barely get my act together long enough to make it into my clothes and out the door in the morning.

So when someone comes along and makes doing the most extra look easy, I get jealous.

And not just BEING extra, although some people definitely have that talent.


When I think "casual event," I think jacket-cape and a leashed peacock. It's called fashion, sweetie. Look it up.

1. Here we go. This list is for the overachievers, y'all.

Twitter | @GNicco1

Like the person who throws this much mayo on a chicken sandwich for...reasons.

I don't care if someone went nuts on the self-checkout, this should never have happened because my eye is twitching just looking at it.

2. Sometimes, aiming high means falling short, but that shouldn't get you down.

Especially not if you happen to be a dog, since we all know that dogs are perfect and can do no wrong.

3. Every once in a while, Hollywood manages to get something right. Why does it always seem to involve Ryan Reynolds when they do that?

Imgur | leslieg2098

Seriously, I can't wait until Deadpool 3 when he's making Pikachu jokes. It's gonna be great. Hollywood, keep swinging for the fences.

4. Someone's taking the term "hall monitor" super seriously.


I guess you only have to pay this lizard in...mice? Whatever it eats. Plus, I am already scared of it — so hopefully, other people will respect its authority.

5. I can only imagine the extreme biking possible on this beast of a vehicle.


Although I'd bet the most difficult part is the "getting on and off this thing" portion of the event.

And between you and me, it's not quite on the level of this trash panda biathlon.

The second part of the biathlon is garbage-eating, so the raccoon really only has to train for the first half.

6. Someone's got the need for speed, but it'd be nice if they had a bit of common sense to go along with it.

The Chive

I'm not saying I wouldn't try it. I'm just saying I wouldn't let anybody take pics.

7. I agree — this is the best thing about ANY school I've ever been to.

Twitter | @slackerdook

How awesome would it be to find out that you've actually been under the watchful eye of a DeVito cult the entire time?

Honestly though, there's not a lot that Danny DeVito can do that would turn me off.

If it turned out that all politicians in the world were secretly in on a conspiracy controlled by Danny DeVito, I'd be like, "So this means there's still another season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, right?"

8. I'd say that this dude is either extremely paranoid, or one of the Crash Test Dummies.


But even if he's doing this for extreme safety, he's got horrible aesthetic taste. Not one picture of Danny DeVito? Smh.

9. This one...well, this one is pretty dang epic.

The Chive

If you can get that much air in a bulldozer, I can only imagine what you'll be able to accomplish out there in the world after your boss finds out about this and fires you.

10. There's nothing wrong with wanting to feed your cat the best seafood dinner she's ever had.

The Chive

But is it better or worse to introduce her to the dinner before you start cooking?

Personally, I like my crustaceans running around the house in an adorable fashion rather than on a plate.

Shhh...he thinks he's a real lobster, so play along.

11. Dang, the new "Game of Thrones" show is super modern, huh?


Hey, I guess they may as well do something new — I just wasn't expecting tech support.

12. Remember, there's usually not just one right way to do something, and it's rarely what people tell you.

So get out there, get weird, and get strikes. Assuming this dude didn't gutterball. In which case, don't do what this dude did.

You know what I mean.

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