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14+ People Who Had No Choice But To Be Extra

Most of the time, the decision to be extra is made in the moment. We're totally ready to do things the normal way, but then inspiration strikes at the last second and we decide to fold our résumés into origami to stand out from the others.

Please note that I kinda doubt this helps as much as it seems.

But anyway, the point is that while that choice is made quickly, it's still a choice. But some people choose to be extra in the same way that they choose to breathe. It's gonna happen whether they're thinking about it or not.

Goofing off with her friend and taking a mysterious selfie at once is some good multitasking, but sadly, she was foiled by the mirror.

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Granted, she could've made out a lot worse in this accidental face reveal. At least both of her eyes are open and her tongue isn't peeking out.

Awww, it seems that whoever owns this clinic can clearly see they've got the right guy for the job.

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For one thing, he was able to take this picture without sneezing. That's probably the main thing keeping me from doing his job.

I'm also not a doctor.

It's hard to tell, but it kinda looks like Dave Chappelle doesn't even know he's in the shot here.

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Unless looking half-aware of the camera is more of a thing than I thought, he's probably just ordering something.

I guess he can find the spotlight whether he wants it or not.

Normally, this would probably be some cause for concern, but they're apparently not worrying about it until after lunch.


As a fellow old computer owner, I'll also point out that you don't need a space heater if you spend all your time in a small computer room.

Well, I guess this is grandma's way of telling us that she doesn't use her CD player anymore.

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On second thought, maybe she also found a way to repurpose that if she's already this crafty. If anything needs to spin really fast, she'll find out about it.

Some people can't help being extra, but it was actually this girl's only option.

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There's no way she didn't get extra credit for this, but you'd think somebody could've stepped in for her.

No time to make friends when you're learning multiple instruments at once, I guess. I alone in thinking that tips taste exactly like the rest of the fries?


Gotta say, it feels weird to not be the picky eater for once. At least I'll now know what someone's talking about if they want the crusts cut off their fries.

This is supposed to be an evil move, but nobody ever open a bunch of their Halloween candy at once so they could do this?

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Besides, the most experienced candy connoisseurs can definitely tell the difference between M&Ms and Skittles.

I guess I'm on a whole different level.

There is no way that somebody didn't superimpose a pant leg in this scene, but I have no idea why.

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I guess five dollar gas and pre-ripped jeans are both examples of the ways companies hustle us? If that ain't it, this is too deep for me.

Sometimes, extra ends up becoming the new standard, and I can definitely see that happening here.

Reddit | Jlandyj

Not only will other parents honor this man for giving them the golden path to a peaceful, scream-free flight, but so will every other passenger.

Uh oh, I shudder to think of all the parking lot fights that this brazen prankster has started here.

If there's one thing we know about Walmart parking lots, it's that they're always boring and never the site of any mayhem.

They needed spicing up...I guess?

Once you achieve mastery over memery, you can hone your powers enough to make this happen.

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That must be it because I'm not sure if even the haters are saying it's Photoshop anymore. Don't ask me, though. Nothing happens when I flex, so I'm not qualified.

Considering she has no luggage, this girl was already traveling light before she started gliding like this.

Getty Images | Aliaksandr Liulkovich

I suppose you don't lose the power of dance at the airport, but I'm still not gonna wear the same clothes for the entire trip.

Apparently, this guy is married to the lady in the chair, so he's specifically being her hype man here.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Get you somebody who shows up and cheers outside every time you're being interviewed. To be fair, it may take a while before you know you've found them.

Shout-out to Santa, who's apparently too busy making sure he doesn't make any sudden moves to put that cat on the naughty list.

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I don't know how mall Santas feel about the freaked-out babies, but I'll bet they'll take 100 of them over one freaked-out cat.

Aww, why can't "extra" mean "extra cute" (like it definitely does here) more often?

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I don't usually get self-conscious about going to a restaurant alone, but I'll happily accept this adorable buddy's company. He seems so interested in what I have to say.

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