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13+ Weird Beauty Hacks People Swear By

It feels like there is a new viral beauty hack circulating on Instagram and YouTube every day. Honestly, it's all a bit much to keep up with. Many of these hacks are also a little...odd, to put it nicely.

Maybe I shouldn't judge, because a lot of those strange beauty hacks have huge fan bases. People swear they work, and if they get the job done, who cares if they're kind of weird, right?

A sock can be used as a beauty blender.

YouTube | mayratouchofglam

Preferably, use a new, clean sock. Bunch it up into a ball and you have a DIY beauty blender that actually works pretty well if you forgot yours at home.

Use a bobby pin to help you contour.

YouTube | Natalie's Outlet

Contouring and getting those angles right can be a little challenging. Clip a bobby pin to the end of your nose to help you get that flawless finish.

A bar of soap can tame unruly brows.

Instagram | @livingthehacks

If you need to rein in your brows, try rubbing a clean spoolie over a bar of soap. Then, brush the spoolie on your brows. The residue from the soap will help the hairs stay put.

Make DIY nail decals with washi tape.

YouTube | Natalie's Outlet

Washi tape comes in so many colors and patterns, which is why they are perfect for making DIY nail decals.

Simply trim the tape to the size and shape of your nail and stick it on. Seal the look with a clear topcoat.

Tape can help you fill in your brows.

YouTube | Niki Sky

If you have trouble staying in the lines when filling in your brows, use clear tape to create a guide for yourself.

Put a piece of tape above your brow before you begin filling it in. The tape will also create a sharp, defined edge for your brows.

Fill in your hairline with eyeshadow.

YouTube | Karina Garcia

If you have a few patches that need extra TLC around your hairline, fill them with an eyeshadow that matches your hair color.

You can also use this trick on your part to make hair appear fuller.

Wrap your hair in plastic bags when deep conditioning.

YouTube | MissTiffanyMa

Seal in your deep conditioner by tying plastic bags around your hair and then stepping in the shower. The heat from the shower and plastic bags will help the treatment set more quickly.

Add a mermaid effect with fishnets.

YouTube | SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art

If you want to create the illusion of scales with makeup, wear a fishnet stocking and then apply your makeup on top.

The fishnet will act as a stencil and make a scale pattern. Ariel would love this hack.

Reduce puffiness with metal spoons.

YouTube | Roxxsaurus

If you have puffy eyes in the morning, try placing a chilled metal spoon under your eyes to reduce any bags.

Don't leave the spoon in the fridge too long, unless you like a chilly wake-up call to start your day.

Panty liners make great eyeshadow guards.

YouTube | Chloe Morello

Protect your foundation by cutting a panty liner in half and sticking it just below your eyes.

The liner will catch any eyeshadow residue that falls off your brush as you apply your eye makeup.

Cotton balls can double as fake lashes.

Instagram | @hudabeauty

Use a spoolie to brush the fibers from a cotton ball onto your eyelashes. The cotton will add extra volume and give the appearance of false lashes.

Finish this look with a coat of mascara.

Cold water can help dry your nails faster.

YouTube | Roxxsaurus

Try dunking your nails in a cup of cold water to dry them quickly. Apparently, it works!

Alternatively, you can try storing your nail polish in the fridge before you apply it for a similar effect.

Flour can be used as a DIY setting powder.

YouTube | Niki Sky

Lightly brush a bit of flour over your face to set your makeup. Flour naturally absorbs oil and will help your makeup stay in place.

Crimp your hair with a fork.

YouTube | xoJahtna

Weave your hair through a metal fork, and use a flat iron to clamp down on the utensil. When you release the hair, it will have a natural-looking crimp.

Tease your hair with a toothbrush.

YouTube | 1 2 3 Create!

Regular combs can be quite harsh on your hair if you are trying to add some volume or texture. Use a toothbrush instead to minimize damage.

Give your nails a base coat with white glue.

YouTube | BeautyyBird

Apply a thin layer of white glue to your nails before applying any glitter polish. The glue will protect your nails and make it much easier to remove the glitter polish when you want to change up your mani.

Fill in your pores with deodorant.

YouTube | MakeupWearables Hairstyles

Lightly swipe over your skin with deodorant if you want to fill in pores and create that flawless finish.

I say lightly because the deodorant will leave a bit of white residue and might not blend well with your makeup. If you use just a touch, this hack looks amazing.

A playing card can help you get that perfect wing.

YouTube | Sylvia Gani

Use a card to help guide your hand as you add a little wing to your cat eye. If you don't have a playing card around, a credit card will work, too.

Line the middle of your lips.

Instagram |

Adding a little liner in the middle of your lips will create a bit of depth and dimension when you apply your lipstick on top.

You can use a balloon as a beauty blender.

Instagram | @sadiaslay

Fill a small balloon with lotion and tie it shut. Use the balloon to blend and strobe as you normally would. People say it works really well!

You can create winged eyeliner with floss or string.

Instagram | @rochellewick

Apply liquid eyeliner to a piece of floss or string and then dab it on the corner of your eye to create the outline of a wing. Then, all you have to do is fill in the outline.

A fork can help you contour flawlessly.

Instagram | @beauty_hacks_by_pakizah

Use the spaces between the prongs to apply your contour shades in just the right spots. When you're done, blend for a defined look.

Use a plastic water bottle to style your hair.

Instagram | @hudabeauty

This hack is making its rounds on the internet right now. Cut the top off a plastic water bottle and then cut a window in the side of the bottle for your hair dryer's nozzle.

Put some of your hair in the bottle and aim your hair dryer in the window. This hack basically makes a wind tunnel for your hair and will give you loose curls.

Orange lipstick can help with color-correcting.

Instagram | @justdreamsof

There are a few versions of this hack floating around. Based on your skin tone, you might need to use a red, orange, or peach lipstick for the proper effect.

Also, use a light touch when applying the lipstick and add more if you need it after you blend.

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