12 Hilarious Times Canada Confused The Hell Outta People On Tumblr

Diply 16 Oct 2017

I get it.

Even though we're neighbors, it doesn't mean that Canada and the US don't have their differences.

Some of these disparities may be small — for example, in Canada they call a garbage disposal a "garburator" and they like to throw the letter U into words like "color," "favorite," and "neighbor."

But long story short, things can get confusing...

1. See? This is why the US needs to switch over to the metric system.

Tumblr | foreverfangirlingalways

Everyone else around the globe knows what a CM is: Canada Measurement. Get with the program.

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2. What? Come again?

Tumblr | thosefunnyones

Anything I could say here is covered in this comment thread. There is a lot of open space in Canada, most of which is inhabited by wild animals.

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3. What could have possibly gone wrong?

Tumblr | Tumblr

Not to push a stereotype, but a group of Canadians sledding down a hill into icy water doesn't exactly dispel Americans' preconceived notions of what it's like up there.

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4. Maybe in SOME cases these stereotypes exist for a reason.

Tumblr | findoutwhatilove

I mean, you can't defend yourself too hard when this is a national pastime in your country. Am I being unfair?

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5. Ah, yes. The ol' bagged milk conundrum. 

Tumblr | mklutz

Let's resolve this. Each of these bags holds three smaller bags. Those bags go in a pitcher, and you cut off the corner and pour.

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6. It's okay if you don't know everything about Canadian politics.

Tumblr | crosbyeh

There will always be a friendly Canuck around to educate you about their ways and customs. It is quite the culture.

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7. Okay, okay. I had to laugh at this one.

Tumblr | chartini

It reminds me of when people make that "this is getting uncomfortable" face and slowly back out of the room. Relatable AF.

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8. Don't worry, every country has a few duds like this.

Tumblr | iamwerewolfroyalty

We can't all be winners. It's just the way the cookie crumbles. Ignorance is pervasive and is unchallenged by border walls.

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9. This made my day. Also, what was the answer?

Tumblr | lothlorien-z

Sort of reminds me of cheating on your partner in different time zones. Considering even Hawking believes in alternate universes, maybe this is legit?

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10. Family politics can get quite messy.

Tumblr | thedailylaughs

I don't know if this is about countries anymore or the premise of every 1980s family sitcom. You know, the ones without laugh tracks, à la The Wonder Years.

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11. The game of war is about stealth and strategy.

Tumblr | ilovemakeupbaybeh

And there is absolutely nothing more inconspicuous than an army of moose...and nothing more powerful than a sweet, sweet burn. BAM!

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12. Sometimes, the math just doesn't add up and you have follow-up questions.

Tumblr | falloutforest

Is this real life? Is maple syrup actually that precious in Canada? Do their cars run on it?

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