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16 Funny Floridians Who Used Humor To Battle Hurricane Irma

Diply 23 Sep 2017

Hurricane Irma hit Florida recently with devastating impact — but Floridians are tough as nails. However, they're not only tough as nails, turns out they're also funny as balls.

Today we're celebrating the strength of the citizens in Florida by sharing the funniest posts and pics they have about Irma — after all, humor is necessary in times like these!

1. So, yes, the news of the hurricane itself was pretty upsetting — but like I said, them Floridians are tough! 

Twitter | @lismaryxx

Besides, I think we're all pretty used to horrifying news these days.

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2. Although not everyone was as relaxed about the news of Irma coming!

Twitter | Twitter

But hey, if it worked for Kendall Jenner, who's to say a Pepsi wouldn't calm things down in this case?

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3. Wow, I guess it really does take dedication to become a Pokémon master, huh? 

Twitter | @ReturntheHunter

Hmmm, better stock up on some grass types if Irma is going to be using water.

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4. This guy was all over the news and the footage really showed just how intense this hurricane is.

Twitter | @kevinfigman

Of course, people on Twitter are bound to have recognized it somewhere.

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5. This place gets points for being one of the few places still open, and bonus points for the dank meme reference.

Imgur | critterbug

The "ermahgerd" connection was a pretty popular one in Florida!

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6. Other signs gave you a bit more of a time frame, in a sense. 

Imgur | SlothsinSpace

I think that's a good rule of thumb. If you can't read the sign, we're closed!

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7. Other signs were added to show what was closed in the state for the time being. Namely, most things.

Tumblr | weyoun

That's actually pretty considerate of the hurricane to sign it herself.

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8. Of course, in times of disaster, we always look to our heroes. 

Tumblr | zukobender

"But I haven't lost hope. I still believe that somehow, the Avatar will return to save the world."

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9. I think we're gonna need a bigger squeegee.

Twitter | @roberthoplacius

Now this is an "A+" for effort moment. Why don't we just get more people pushing the water back in where it belongs? LOL

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10. They say laughter is the best medicine, but I've gotta say cake is right up there as well!

Twitter | @Publix

I guess they figured they'd combine them! Might as well enjoy yourself.

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11. Of course, a bit of intense weather doesn't mean we can't still crack open a cold one with the boys!

Imgur | Parzaval

Really, it's got to be kinda refreshing, in a sense.

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12. And hey, you don't have to go out on the streets to enjoy a round of drinks with everyone!

Imgur | sloanesteel

Just put on some rain boots or flippers and you're good to go.

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13. Who knows, you may even end up with something you've always wanted.

Imgur | OctopussSevenTwo

Hey Irma, I don't own a sports car, do you think you could help a brother out? Cheers!

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14. They say nothing is free in this world — so when you find a deal, you might as well take it.

Imgur | natashac05870

Some assembly required? Well, alright, at least they're honest!

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15. Here's a fun way to freak out your friends and family — send them a pic of you like this!

Reddit | bmmarti3

I'm still laughing at the super chill look on his face.

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16. And when everything's getting soaked anyway, the best place to chill is the pool!

Imgur | badwithtitles

You can't have your furniture blow away if it's in your pool. Plus the screen walls turn that rain into a nice mist, hopefully!

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