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24 Hilarious Tweets About Food Only Foodies Will Get

Diply 13 Sep 2017

Okay, first of all. Who doesn't love food?!

This term "foodies" needs to pack its things and get out of here because I don't know a single man, woman, or child who doesn't dream about their next meal. Food is the centerpiece to almost every holiday and gathering. It's the thing we turn to when we are celebrating, and it's a comfort when we're mourning.

Be it the devil or our savior, food is great, so get fat and laugh at some tweets from our fellow "foodsmen."

1. I hear that!

Twitter | @juliussharpe
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2. So worth the effort, in my opinion.

Twitter | @wackovidz88
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3. 11 out of 10 times, I am horrible at this.

Twitter | @MittenDAmour
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4. This is one of the most savage takedowns I have ever witnessed. I love it too much.

Twitter | @AmidNiteRomeo
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5. Can someone explain this one to me?

Twitter | @Icedpyre
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6. I see what they did there.

Twitter | @paytonpope30
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7. No, one does not.

Twitter | @MarlinCatering
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8. Foodie dad jokes. He deserves a pat on the back.

Twitter | @djbuttstuff
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9. I bow down to this tweet a thousand times over.

Twitter | @JennyJohnsonHi5
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10. What a way to put yourself out there.

Twitter | @MarcusTheToken
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11. It's not a diet; it's a lifestyle choice.

Twitter | @ashleyaustrew
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12. You're hired!

Twitter | @DaddyJew
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13. Listen to Matilda, y'all.

Twitter | @MaraWilson
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14. You'll adjust to the pain. 

Twitter | @CauseWereGuys
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15. Fact: I'd watch Gigli if it meant getting to eat popcorn.

Twitter | @Dawn_M_
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16. Ugh, alright, I guess I'll try it.

Twitter | @tbhjuststop
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17. Top off my glass, would you?

Twitter | @aligarchy

This is the only way to have fondue! Only chumps dip it, the real champs sip it. Know what I mean? It's super classy.

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18. We must put aside our differences to stop this!

Twitter | @historyinflicks

The whole pineapple on pizza debate needs to be put on hold for now. We'll have to band together for this one.

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19. Theory checks out.

Twitter | @mattingebretson

I have the same self-control issues when it comes to chocolate — does this mean I'm worthy of king status? I'll at least be king-sized soon enough.

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20. Me too!

Twitter | @AndyHerren

Guys, I think I've found my Patronus. We both love nuggets, have short attention spans, and always have something in our paws to chew on throughout the day.

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21. For real, though.

Twitter | @sammyrhodes

How did this design last so long? You're tellin' me no one at the factory tried opening one of those things and realized the hardships we go through?!

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22. Spinach is magic. 

Twitter | @shutupmikeginn

So, you wanna cook up about a pound of spinach for everyone? Well, good luck with that, 'cause it's about to disappear even faster than a magician's assistant.

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23. It happens far too often.

Twitter | @CelebrityChez

You may have thought that it's the other way around — well, that would make sense, but then you'd be to blame. This is much better.

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24. It's a miracle! 

Twitter | @ceejoyner

Sometimes you just gotta have the right perspective on things. This guy realizes just how spiritual a trip to the deli can actually be. Bless up, butcher!

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